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Comment Re:Who cares (Score 1) 204

From what I can tell from over hear accross the pond is that the economic crisis might be the lever that get's them tossed out.

Partly true. I think the main issue, apart from the fact that they've now been there long enough for everything to be thier fault, is that whilst, technically, we elect a party, not a prime minister - the last general election, Tony Blair was PM. He stepped down, and we've had an effectively un-elected PM since.

Many people therefore feel that Gordon Brown wasn't elected... he's also a terrible public speaker, has no charisma or charm, and used to be the chancellor - so people blame him personally for the economic crisis.

Yeh. He's gone as soon he runs out of time. I'm not sure exactly how much longer he can defer a general election, but I know he's done it at least once.

Comment Re:Sure, 17 year-olds believe this because of a ga (Score 2, Funny) 839

Reincarnation is a Shaman ability requiring a reagent, allowing the Shaman to bring him or her self back to life after death

Ressurection is an ability shared by Shaman, Priests, Paladins and Druids, allowing a dead party or raid member to be brought back to life.

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