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+ - Students create real-time ray traced Pinball game->

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phantomus writes "Students of the Dutch game course IGAD created an open source pinball game using a real-time ray tracer for it's graphics. That means: Plenty of reflections and refractions, and accurate shadows. Or, as someone put it: "Looks like a real-time pre-rendered pinball table!". Real-time ray tracing on consumer hardware has matured quite a bit over recent years, and this game shows it doesn't take a Larrabee to have some ray tracing in your games today. Beware though, graphics quality is not yet what you would expect from a GPU, and neither is the frame rate."
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Comment: Consider studying in the Netherlands (Score 1) 324

by phantomus (#28560681) Attached to: What Are the Best First Steps For Becoming a Game Designer?
Did you ever consider studying in the Netherlands? We have a nice program here, called IGAD (International Game Architecture & Design). There's a visual art specialisation and a programming specialisation. 75% of the staff is 'foreign', and so the language is English. 90% of the staff has 10 years or more of game industry experience. And, best of all: Studying in the Netherlands is cheap. Check here: http://www.nhtv.nl/made . (end of shameless plug)

Comment: Ray tracing in games (Score 1) 120

by phantomus (#22621326) Attached to: Intel Researchers Consider Ray-Tracing for Mobile Devices
At the NHTV university of applied sciences, IGAD department, we are researching the use of ray tracing in games. Two student teams are working on proof-of-concept games using the technology. You can read about findings so far in my paper on real-time ray tracing in the context of games, on http://igad.nhtv.nl/~bikker and http://igad.nhtv.nl/~bikker/files/rtgames.pdf . There's also a real-time demo that shows what a modern PC can do.

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