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Comment: Re:Does the Bear poop in the woods ? (Score 1) 378

by phantomflanflinger (#34074546) Attached to: Is Google Polluting the Internet?
People think Google is a good search engine because when they type their query it finds what they want. I am amazed so many nerds can't grasp this and think people want something else from a search engine - and attempt to code it.

As for Google being a corporation and making money, they are guilty of that.

As for Streetview, you can get higher res pictures of streets by walking down them. Molecules are smaller than pixels. Thus far.

Comment: Re:I would not be too surprised (Score 2, Informative) 142

by phantomflanflinger (#33094938) Attached to: Who Is Downloading the Torrented Facebook Files?
Most of the traffic PeerBlock blocks is false positives. It blocks huge ranges of IP addresses, YOU could be on one of their lists. The Gizmodo article says "it should be mostly accurate". Lol.

It used to be called PeerGuardian, remember? The "lucky talisman" app that stops teh RIAA catching you? What a load of balls.

Comment: Re:Better late than never (Score 1, Funny) 69

by phantomflanflinger (#26762685) Attached to: RIAA Drops Enforcement Case To "Sort Out" Inaccuracies
Indeed; the British government never underestimated the IRAA. Thankfully, the permanent ceasefire brought peace to Northern Ireland. Or rather, it stopped IRA bombs going off in England, which is all the British Government (and the British public) ever cared about.

I'm just glad I live in Britain - yes, the IRA used to be a threat to me, but the RIAA never will.
The Internet

See Who Is Whitewashing Wikipedia 478

Posted by Zonk
from the who-isn't-these-days dept.
Decius6i5 writes "Caltech grad student Virgil Griffith has launched a search tool that uncovers whitewashing and other self-interested editing of Wikipedia. Users can generate lists of every edit to Wikipedia which has been made from a particular IP address range. The tool has already uncovered a number of interesting edits, such as one from the corporate offices of Diebold which removed large sections of content critical of their electronic voting machines. A Wired story provides more detail and Threat Level is running a contest to see who can come up with the most interesting Wikipedia spin job."

+ - Complacency 'rife' in European IT projects

Submitted by phantomflanflinger
phantomflanflinger (832614) writes "According to the BBC, many European IT workers are not being held responsible for delivering projects late.

The study was conducted by Hewlett Packard and the Economist Intelligence Unit which spoke to 1,125 professionals worldwide.

The three most common causes for delay were outsourcing, changing priorities half way through a project and poor co-ordination between managers."

Make it right before you make it faster.