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+ - #IAmSpartacus protest goes IRL->

Submitted by pha95mlb
pha95mlb (716234) writes "Supporters of Paul Chambers (the South Yorkshire man who was arrested for making a joke on Twitter) have organised a "Rally to protect satire, hyperbole, exaggeration, humour and flippancy on the Internet", in Sheffield tomorrow. According to the listing on EventBrite, they will be "poking fun at the judgement, and the ridiculous situation in which Paul (and others) find themselves, through the time-honoured British tradition of taking the piss out of it. While we still can"."
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+ - Google's own office blurred out on Street View->

Submitted by digitaldc
digitaldc (879047) writes "Sometimes, even those companies that are supposedly open turn out to operate under a cloud of deep, dark secrecy.

Google, it turns out, has become one of those--at least in Germany, and not of its own volition.

I am indebted to loyal reader Ingo Klein, who directed me to the news that Google's office at Dienerstrasse 12 in Munich seems to have enjoyed the attentions of the "German Street View Shroud.""

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