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Comment Re:encryption (Score 1) 85 85

The solution might also be to have your own cloud instead of using a public cloud. Personal clouds seem to be growing in number over the last year. None are perfect yet, but I've used younity for a while and find that it is far and away my favorite option. The beta has expanded fast and features are added every month or two. The benefit is I have *all* my files accessible via my mobile devices, but no one else has any access to my data (it isn't stored online). And it's free to boot.

Comment younity - similar, but different (Score 1) 188 188

it hasn't been released yet, but goes in to beta soon. it is different than dropbox in that it is much less file sharing/collaboration oriented, but it does a lot of what some people have asked for- complete transparent sync across all device types. you can sign up at

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