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Comment: The moon needs a golf course (Score 1) 121

by pgdave (#42213637) Attached to: Golden Spike Working On Private Moon Flights
Donald Trump should be the first passenger. He could then build the golf course of his dreams where nobody would object. Alan Shephard already started the ball rolling, so to speak. . No more plebs in the view from his multi-billion hotel. Win-win for Earth and Moon. His wig could be the Moon's first native wildlife.

Comment: Re:Fascist bloodlust (Score 3, Insightful) 380

by pgdave (#41918329) Attached to: Bradley Manning Offers Partial Guilty Plea To Military Court

I believe very strongly that Manning should be facing the death penalty simply to send a message to the military that if you do this and get caught, you may die for it.

Ah, the smell of fascist blood lust in the morning...Don't like what someone did? Just kill them. It makes you feel manly.

Comment: Re:Can't read that with a straight face (Score 1) 89

by pgdave (#41750765) Attached to: UK ISPs Asked To Block More File-sharing Websites

All of them were smart enough to be able to use a bittorrent client and browse bittorrent sites. They will be smart enough to use whatever plug-and-play method the internet will invent to circumvent these bans.

"whatever plug-and-play method the internet has already invented to circumvent these bans".


Comment: Re:I still think this guy should countersue . . . (Score 1) 308

by pgdave (#41582811) Attached to: Supreme Court To Decide If Monsanto GMO Patents Are Valid

But on top of that, breeding plants which create their own insecticide?

My understanding is that the plants don't create their own insecticide. Rather they tolerate large doses of Roundup, which is a general-purpose insecticide that would normally kill the crop. Roundup has been available for decades. The danger here is that Roundup-ready seed contaminates other crops, and thus farmers are left with no choice but to use Monsanto's product to control weeds. A couple of problems arise; one: that the crop becomes a mono-culture, and two: because the crop is resistant to Roundup, farmers use too much of it to kill the weeds. That leads the to the classic evolutionary race of the weeds to themselves become 'Roundup-ready', and eventually be resistant to weed-killer. Monsanto don't even allow farmers to keep seed and resow next year; they insist that farmers buy fresh. They are definitely the baddies here, and need taking down.

Comment: IT wasn't always fun (Score 1) 382

by pgdave (#41079079) Attached to: When Flying Was a Thrill
I'm old enough to remember flying in the days before the jets took over entirely. It was a great adventure,, but it wasn't fun. Aeroplanes still have sick bags, but you don' see them used these days. Back in the day, you could more or less guarantee that all the kids on the plane would use theirs, and a fair few adults, too. I can still remember filling up a few of them myself. Elizabeth Taylor wouldn''t have been quite so glamorous if she'd been photographed barfing into hers...

What the world *really* needs is a good Automatic Bicycle Sharpener.