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Comment:, an online country with its own currency (Score 1) 6

by pgacv2 (#34966764) Attached to: Paypal alternatives?
Not sure if this will work for you (or for the people you want to donate to), but it's an interesting idea. I don't think it will take off, the notion of having an online country with its own currency might help brainstorming to come up with other PayPal alternatives. Google cache link (not sure why the actual website is inaccessible).

Comment: Just started with Virgin Mobile last week (Score 2) 257

by pgacv2 (#34871670) Attached to: Virgin Mobile To Start Throttling Broadband2Go

I shopped around for a new cell phone plan for several weeks before finally deciding to go with Virgin Mobile, and it's thanks to the fact that I am travelling for my job, because they don't even have stores where I come from so I picked up a prepaid at a Sprint store close to where I am now. They have very sensible plans, and in fact seem to be the only ones who understand that it makes much more sense to limit voice than texts. (All their plans have unlimited text and data; you just get more or fewer minutes depending on how much you pay.)

I'm disappointed that they would throttle back your broadband, but I like it much better than being cut off or charged extra. I just hope they're open about this "reasonable use" change and don't keep advertising it as completely unlimited. They could do better at mentioning the tax on their plans, too. I thought they were like MetroPCS, which includes taxes in its plans. To be fair, Virgin charges far less tax than other carriers, but it was still an unpleasant surprise. And I can't believe that a mobile company doesn't have a mobile version of its own website.

Liking them so far. Let's see how the coverage fares when I go back home this weekend.

Comment: (Score 2) 292

by pgacv2 (#34612362) Attached to: Best Open Source Genealogy Software?

You mean like this?

Mod parent up. It's a free service, frequently updated from various sources, goes back centuries, and even includes a series of online lessons on how to do your family history. Backed by Mormons, but that doesn't make it any less of an awesome service. (Disclaimer: I am a Mormon)

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