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Comment: Re:First (Score 1) 616

by pfbram (#39821617) Attached to: House Passes CISPA
Well, at least government could more easily clamp down on white-collar crime, lending fraud, dirty CIA/drug banks, find missing e-mails, recover billions of disappeared money over the various wars that have been fought, excessive corporate influence, foreign influence, etc. Hahaha -- just kidding.

Comment: Covered in a Gilligan Island's Episode (Score 1) 808

by pfbram (#29984366) Attached to: Why a High IQ Doesn't Mean You're Smart
There was an episode in the second or third season in which a big-game hunter lands on the island and decides he wants to hunt humans instead. So he discretely interviews each of the castaways to determine which would present the greatest challenge for him. When he interviews the Professor (Jungian archetype for intelligence) he concludes that he'd have the professor bagged & mounted before the professor could figure out his next move. The implication here is that there's an aspect of intelligence which suggests so-called intentionality, intelligence may be directed "toward" something, some problem, function, etc. Some problems are extremely complex and need some deliberation. Others are challenging in a different way, and need a snap/real-world decisions or cunning. Could be a language limitation also. We tend to confuse cleverness, wisdom, cunning, reptilian intelligence, memory, success, business or strategic/military knowledge, and learning ability all as "intelligence". I can't think of a single test which would gauge all of that.

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