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Comment: Re:Who supports FISA? (Score -1) 1489

by peterpressure (#24145731) Attached to: Obama Losing Voters Over FISA Support
Yes actually, I support FISA, both in its old and current form, and I am a Conservative first, Republican Second. I enjoy reading politics on /. from time to time to see how amusing the left can be. I have read the actual text of the original bill from front to back and the current text, and all provided (contrary to /. opinion) judicial oversight, albeit after the fact. I have NO CLUE why Obama (or some /.ers) thinks the old and new bill are much different in this regard. Political positioning I assume. Now as to your question... As a Conservative the reason this bill does not bother me and I in fact support it is because after 9/11, Congress Authorized the use of force in Iraq and the Afghanistan where foreign terrorists are using American cell phones to conduct war & espionage via our communication lines. During War Time when American Soldiers may get kidnapped I do not believe getting a warrant to tap a non-American citizens cell phone should be necessary even if they use American communication lines. They should not be able to hide behind the freedom American citizens enjoy. Both the original NSA program and this bill were subject to judicial review and must have been certified by a judge as legal albeit it after the fact. Sorry if it drives you crazy that a Conservative would think this way, but perhaps I am in the minority on the "Right".

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