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Comment: Serviio rocks (Score 1) 420

by petermp (#45967073) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Suggestions For a Simple Media Server?
My Current setup is: HP Miniserver 1 x 250 GB 3 x 3 TB FreeBSD(Nas4Free) Serviio 2 x LG and 1 x Samsung TV It works really great. My suggestion is: Stick with serviio, just make a post on serviio forum - maybe you need to change Serviio profile to "encode everything"(if you can afford it CPU wise), but really so far I never had any problem with any .mkv file ...

Comment: Postgresql real problem (Score 5, Interesting) 245

by petermp (#44921757) Attached to: Will Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Stay With MySQL?
I personally think that the real problem with Postgresql happened 10 years ago. At that time it was not possible to run Postgresql on Windows(it was only possible via cygwin). That helped mysql get critical mass and Postgresql stayed behind. Then the snowball effect came into play and mysql was getting much more users compared to Postgresql.

Comment: Samsung is still the king (Score 2) 166

by petermp (#44468215) Attached to: Samsung Smart TV: Basically a Linux Box Running Vulnerable Web Apps
I own both LG(2013) and Samsung(2012) Tvs. I bought it on purpose w/o camera ;-) However Samsung is still the king, apps are much more polished,DLNA works MUCH better. However you realize that after you buy something different from Samsung. If you use DLNA a lot, Samsung is the only way to go.

+ - PayPal Spaces-out with Paypal Galactic->

Submitted by sl4shd0rk
sl4shd0rk (755837) writes "Presuming Aliens won't have terrible Ebay experiences, PayPal means to position themselves to take on payments in the cosmos: "With our fifteen years of experience in global online payments, PayPal has a unique perspective to speak to the possibilities of an interplanetary economy." Apparently, Paypal is taking up bedmates with Virgin Galatic along with Buzz Aldrin and the SETI Institute to allow you to "explore the possibilities of travel" as well as tourism and commerce. Let's hope Black Holes don't end up being a common excuse for lost Troll Doll shipments."
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+ - Google plans to make PCs history->

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petermp writes "Google is to launch a service that would enable users to access their personal computer from any internet connection, according to industry reports. But campaigners warn that it would give the online behemoth unprecedented control over individuals' personal data.
The Google Drive, or "GDrive", could kill off the desktop computer, which relies on a powerful hard drive. Instead a user's personal files and operating system could be stored on Google's own servers and accessed via the internet."

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Comment: Re:Er... (Score 1) 270

by petermp (#24693699) Attached to: A Mozilla Plugin to Help Overcome IE Rendering Flaw

It allows web developers to take advantage of this feature, but still have their sites be accessible by people using IE (out of ignorance or otherwise). Right now no web-developer can really target features not available on IE unless they want to alienate a large percentage of their user base.

As a professional web developer I can say that is complete rubbish. We can not rely on most IE users to have this plugin so we can not take advantage of any new features. The fact is that while IE is as prevalent as it currently still is we have to develop primarily for that platform. In the corporate world a great many people still use IE6 so we have to test under that very thoroughly too.

The plugin will be very useful for intranets where IS the standard. So yes, it will help web developers for Intranets.

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