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+ - Manage your DNS with GitHub->

Submitted by Amiralul
Amiralul writes: Luadns service offers a new way to manage your DNS. Noisy Bind syntax has been replaced with a much friendlier syntax (Lua). You may store your DNS configurations on GitHub or Bitbucket, after each git push configurations are validated and deployed to Luadns servers. More information and examples can be found on Luadns' website. I've used it for a few months now and I can say that I'm glad I don't have to tinker /etc/named.conf anymore.
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+ - Rails is a Ghetto

Submitted by
david.ross_at_wolfeo writes: "The Rails community is a ghetto, they expect everything for free but don't want to appreciate the people who really make it happen. I'm talking about people who don't respect the contributors like Zed Shaw, also known as zedas on irc, the developer who started mongrel. He has been called names behind his back, slandered, said his work is crap, and people have done just about every bad thing a person can do to him. Zedas talks about how he has been treated and why he is leaving the Rails community with proof to back it up. People need to treat others with respect, else this type of self-ejecting happens to the good people. This is one of the fallacies of how open communities work, and it needs to change. Rails has lost one of the best developers, good going people."

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