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+ - Harpercollins will offer discounted ebooks to print book owners through BitLit->

Submitted by Peter Hudson
Peter Hudson (3717535) writes "Cory Doctorow writes on BoingBoing that HarperCollins is the first major publisher to sign with BitLit, a free app for iOS and Android that lets you send a photo of your book's copyright page with your name inked on it in exchange for a deal on the ebook. The HarperCollins bundling pilot includes Neal Stephenson's classic Cryptonomicon, and will offer ebooks to print owners at $2-3."
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Comment: Re:How does this compare to Amazon's Kindle MatchB (Score 2) 82

Matchbook only works for books you buy on and only works if you have a Kindle registered under the same account... For an average reader, the physical books they've purchased on Amazon is a relatively small percentage of the books on their shelf. BitLit works for all books regardless of where you acquired them. Excuse me while I don my fireproof suit and remind /. comment thread readers that they are not average.

+ - Publishers offer free/discounted ebooks of the print books you own with BitLit-> 2

Submitted by Peter Hudson
Peter Hudson (3717535) writes "Cory Doctorow write on "BitLit works with publishers to get you free or discounted access to digital copies of books you own in print: you use the free app for Android and iOS to take a picture of the book's copyright page with your name printed in ink, and the publisher unlocks a free or discounted ebook version. None of the Big Five publishers participate as yet, but indies like O'Reilly, Berrett-Koehler, Red Wheel Weiser, Other Press, Greystone, Coach House, Triumph, Angry Robot, Chicago Review, Dundurn, and PM Press (publishers of my book The Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow) are all in.""
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