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Comment: Easy Way to Kill Robophobia (Score 2) 101

by perry64 (#49374741) Attached to: Robots4Us: DARPA's Response To Mounting Robophobia

When the sergeant tells the grunts that SOMETHING is going to have the carry the thousands of pounds of stuff (food, water, ammo, batteries, etc.) that the platoon requires - it can either be them or the the robots - I think that the grunts are going to get over whatever dislike of the robots they may have had.

Comment: Ranger in Top Gun??? (Score 1) 118

by perry64 (#48673643) Attached to: US Navy Sells 'Top Gun' Aircraft Carrier For One Penny

What parts of "Top Gun" did RANGER appear in? Any shots that could be identified were of ENTERPRISE, with her distinctive cubic superstructure. See this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

Did they shot some interior footage on RANGER, or is this just wrong?

Amazingly, one of the pilots in the F-14 footage is still on active duty, nearly 30 years later. ADM James Winnefeld, now the Vice Chair of the JCS, was one of the instructors at Top Gun when the movie was shot and flew some of the dogfights.

Comment: Re:What's the difference... (Score 1) 284

by perry64 (#48164257) Attached to: FBI Director Continues His Campaign Against Encryption

I think that drapes are a better analogy. Banks, safes and safety deposit boxes protect things that might be stolen, while drapes prevents people from seeing what you are doing in a place where you have an expectation of privacy.

Being on the internet without encryption is like being in your house without drapes.

Comment: Drapes (Score 1) 354

by perry64 (#47998941) Attached to: FBI Chief: Apple, Google Phone Encryption Perilous

Similarly, the FBI has indicated its displeasure with the manufacturers of another new product intended to thwart law enforcement officials from keeping all Americans, but especially the children, safe.

"This new product will make our job much more difficult. Honest people, true Americans, with nothing to hide, should have no need for such a product."

Despite such warnings, the sales of drapes and Venetian blinds have been brisk.

Comment: Re:Lease? (Score 1) 482

by perry64 (#46891509) Attached to: Really, Why Are Smartphones Still Tied To Contracts?

I think that this is the perfect analogy to this. I don't do car leases because at the end of the lease, I don't get to keep the car. I don't care about having a new car, and I would rather drive an older car and not have a car payment. The older car essentially works just as well in its task of getting me from point A to point B.

With smart phones, it's different. The new smart phone may or may not be significantly better and provide significantly more functionality than the two year old one.

I no longer needed a cell phone for work, so I turned mine in. When I looked at buying one and going month to month compared to getting a contract with a cell provider and a discounted phone, I did the math, and the difference was under $20 over the course of the 2 years. I decided to go with the contract, since I wouldn't have to put out a high up front cost. Now when this contract is up, I will look at what the latest cell phones can provide that my current one can't, and decide whether that is worth the price of a new one. If yes, i will probably sign up for a contract and get a new phone. If not, I will just switch to a cheap month-to-month program.

Comment: You Want to Keep A Log??? (Score 1) 170

by perry64 (#46802751) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Professional Journaling/Notes Software?

Yes, if only someone had invented a way to log things on the web. I bet that they could call it a web log, but knowing how everyone shortens things, they would probably call it a wog, or something like that.

If there was something like that, there probably would be lots of software available to do that, which would have lots of ways to index the contents with a series of tags.

If only that existed.

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