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Comment: similiar already exist - dutch bikes and Hase Pino (Score 2) 85

by pereric (#47249291) Attached to: Shawn Raymond's Tandem Bike is Shorter Than Yours (Video)
There are already quite many bikes of the concept tandem-with-captain in the rear. Several quite successfull ones, too.

There are several home-built tandems with individual handlebars, like this one I saw in Amsterdam :

Also this child seat for the Brompton folding bike works quite like the original post :

Last but not least, the german Hase Pino semi-recumbent bike. The captain sit in the rear in an upright position, the stoker is seated in a comfy recumbent seat in the front. The bike is selling quite well in Germany. It's used like normal tandem bikes for couples going on vacation and errands together, but also for transportation of kids and people with various disabilities - the bike is very adaptable to various capabilities of the riders.

Price? About 3000 Euro for the Pino. Probably out of range for people considering bikes a toy or something to hang on the rear of your RV / SUV. But quite OK for a vehicle that can meet a lot of your mobility needs. Bicycles can pretty successfully do much of the same city transportation done by cars (40-50% of all trips in Copenhagen and Netherlands are made by bike), and if you save on gas (or even more - many people don't bother getting a motor vehicle at all, actually) you can afford much better bikes than the walmart bike-like objects (yes, we have that in Europe too).

Comment: only water-proofness lacking (Score 1) 303

by pereric (#46078839) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Life After N900?
Only lack of water-proofness made me stop using my N900. In a very concrete fashion, alas. I actually miss the software, too. What you could find in the repos (some 10,000:s of packages?) was imho way better than the 500,000+ packages availible for Android. For example the "mappero" map app beat what you could find on android (which probably would be orux), at least back in the days. And most of it was free-as-in-speech software. No ads, no spying, much less risk trusting the software. And quite well inviting you to participate hacking too ...

Comment: nope, production is just some barrels each day (Score 2) 416

by pereric (#45058501) Attached to: US Now Produces More Oil and Gas Than Russia and Saudi Arabia
Congratulations on your relatively better energy independance. But alas, I have to correct the article : Fossil fuel *production* (which as far as we know is a biological / geological process) is probably just a few barrels each day (given current reserves and the time it needed to form; conditions favoring formation probably varies with geological epochs). Fossil fuel *extraction* is what the article talks about, and is at an all time high.

You usually don't celebrate that much that your rate of withdrawing funds from your bank account is at record high. Maybe quitting using this euphemism would help a tiny bit getting away from the damaging fossil fuel dependency ...

Comment: write a mail instead (Score 2, Insightful) 545

by pereric (#27913651) Attached to: The Pirate Bay Seeks Interesting Route To "Pay" Fine
Write a personal mail to your MP:s/senators etc instead. A few polite sentences, asking for restoring copyright to premium creativity instead of greed. If you can, send a paper mail. Some perhaps even answer their office phone. Just remember being nice albeit firm. 30 million unique mails can probably make some impact. At least far more than the original proposal.

Comment: Re:What's new? (Score 4, Informative) 133

by pereric (#27720643) Attached to: New Material For Fast-Change Sunglasses, Data Storage
Maybe that it doesn't need external power or control. IIRC, the auto-dim welding helmets I know of need an external power source (small solar panel + battery I presume), and dims by applying a current to the glass. I was also going to ask if this could be used for a simpler welding mask, but 30 ms is perhaps too slow for protecting against the lots of UV arc welding produces.

Comment: still dangerous to people outside (Score 1) 743

by pereric (#26307305) Attached to: Volvo Introduces a Collision-Proof Car

Ignoring the wishful thinking even for the occupants, there is still quite a risk being killed *by* that Volvo. Cars are quite a brutal way of travelling; tons of speeding steel that can make any object or person on the outsite flat by merely a moment of distracted driver.

Keeping human-guided vehicles at a speed safe for everyone (30 km/h perhaps?) and leaving high-speed to rail would be far better (also, the vehicles could be *far* lighter, cheaper and non-energi-guzzling). Yes, current society is quite car-centric, but that doesn't mean motor-cars everywhere is the most optimal choice. Compare this to a microsoft-centric computer market, and what it ought to be ...

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