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Comment: Perfect way to transport clean energy (Score 1) 363

by perbu (#47171493) Attached to: Group Demonstrates 3,000 Km Electric Car Battery

The really compelling part is that electricity stored in aluminium can be transported without any energy loss. Alumina can be found in most of the world, so if you have local access to cheap power you can create aluminium there, be it in Iceland or the Saharan desert. Then you can fill up a freighter with it and go nice and slow across the atlantic ocean and deliver it in the US or China.

I met these people last year and they talked about filling up a supertanker with Aluminium in Norway or Iceland and then having it connect to the US power grid and deliver electricity.

Comment: Re:Some Middle Ground (Score 2) 566

by perbu (#41500219) Attached to: A Suicide Goes Viral On the Internet
According to an episode of This American Life suicides often inspire other suicides except in situation where it has somehow gone wrong and has led to a gruesome death or mutilated corpse or something similar. In Norway, where I live, there is a policy of not commenting on suicides if it can be avoided. So, whenever a random 18 year old boy or girl kills him/herself it goes without notice in the media. If a minister kills himself it is of course reported upon. I think the media in your town has gotten it right.

Apple Lifts Ban On the Word "Jailbreak" 113

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Gunkerty Jeb writes "After banning the word 'jailbreak' from its app store and music library, Apple [Friday] reversed course and again permits the term — slang for hacking into a device to download unauthorized content — to appear on iTunes and its App Store. On Thursday bloggers noticed Apple had censored the word, using the Thin Lizzy album 'Jailbreak' as an example. For awhile, the title was listed as 'J******k' in Apple's music library, at least its U.S. version. In other instances, digital content continued to bear the full name Jailbreak."
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+ - WURFL founders fire off DMCA takedown against the ->

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An anonymous reader writes "ScientiaMobile, the company formed behind the open source library WURFL, an API used to do mobile device detection for web applications, has issued a DMCA takedown notice against the OpenDDR project on Github. ScientiaMobile claims that OpenDDR is "ripping them off" by forking their database, which used to licensed under a liberal licence. Newer versions of the device database are licensed under restrictive licenses which does not allow any modification or redistribution. Can ScientiaMobile retroactively alter the distribution terms for the older versions of their database?"
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Comment: Who uses app engine? (Score 1) 66

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I think this is a good thing, but I'm still baffled by people actually using it. AFAIK there is no escape hatch, no way of getting a little special component to run. Say, your app suddenly needs Stunnel, Varnish or HA-Proxy, what do you do? I'm guessing you don't want to tie the app down across two data centers. Anyone ever used App Engine that might supply us with some actual experience?
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The Biggest Legal Danger For Open Source? 161

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itwbennett writes "Brian Proffitt is blogging about the undercurrent of legal issues troubling the open source world these days and offers up this question: Are patents or copyright a bigger threat to the open source community? Patents are the obvious choice, with inflicting fear being the 'obvious intention of those who have instigated the various legal troubles on open source practitioners.' But the issue of copyright and copyright assignments is no less troublesome, argues Proffitt. And copyright assignment can be confusingly Machievllian, even in open source land."

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