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Comment Re:Greed rules in Corporate America (Score 1) 117

I'd say that this century corporate greed in Pharma has improved efficiency in giving back revenue to the stockholders and bankers (stock buybacks, M&A) but hasn't done much at all for R&D. I don't see how the picture would improve if the incentive (market exclusivity) to throw money into a hole for a decade or more before finding out if there will be be a payout (typical for pharmaceutical R&D) is removed.

Comment Re:How old are you? (Score 2) 117

Didn't you read the follow-up story?. The free market fixed that problem, and the medicine is selling for a buck now.

Not quite that simple: many folks won't have access to a compounding pharmacy, the drug isn't for sale yet that I can tell, and for many or most drugs a compounding pharmacy won't be able to help. I think the real answer is pretty similar to your answer about money: not all monopolies are evil and we shouldn't abandon all monopolies. When rent seekers like Actelion and Turing learn to game the system it's time to reform the rules on restricted distribution and returning generic drugs to exclusive status; it's not time to blow up the FDA.

Comment Re:A WHOLE lot easier said than done. (Score 2) 117

I think a good answer would be a combination of transparency, delays, and being fully subject to insider trading and other financial laws (no more "speech and debate" defenses). I don't think it would be too much to ask that elected officials give up much more of their financial privacy during their term of office, especially if a delay in the release of the information is incorporated. I also think it would make sense for public officials (and in some cases their staff) to be forced to wait to buy or sell securities for at least two full trading days after publicly announcing the order. Once they announce the intent they have to follow through: they can protect themselves from swings in the market during the delay by placing limit orders. For quid pro quos that execute a year or more after they leave office, PACs, etc.: heck if I know.

Comment Re:Ok to pollute because others are worse? (Score 1) 201

Diesel trucks are not designed to carry people, they are designed to carry freight

Around me they are marketed as capable of towing yachts and carrying other trucks, but designed to carry the American Dream of being Bigger, Louder, and Shinier than the next guy. A few do have contractor toolboxes in the back, but most are commuting to work or class with an empty cooler and a bungee cord in the bed. At least the genuine freight haulers aren't so fucking loud.

Comment Re:Make money on support (Score 1) 124

One: support contracts are rarely, if ever, perpetual.

Read the comment I responded to:

Instead, an open source product should always be offered for the smallest amount that constitutes a legal sale, and then income generated by supporting it for perpetuity.

Two: does the phrase "bid out separately" ring a bell, and if so, do you understand what it means?

Yes and yes, but congratulations on going ad hominem.

Comment Re:Work for free!! (Score 2) 124

If the offer is exposure - put exposure in the contract. The link to your company goes on their landing page for X months with a guaranteed minimum number of genuine clicks, you get introductions to Y of their clients that meet your criteria, etc. Or just a straight up guarantee of so much new business through the exposure or the contract reverts to cash + 5%.

If they aren't paying in cash, make certain their payment to you is more valuable to you than the cash price.

Comment Re:My Guide (Score 1) 160


Explain the syntheses of 2-(1H-benzotriazol-1-yl)-1,1,3,3-tetramethyluronium hexauorophosphate) and 1-[Bis-(dimethylamino)methyliumyl]-1H-1,2,3-triazolo[4,5- b]pyridine-3-oxide hexafluorophosphate , then explain which coupling agent should be used in which situations.

Using short words.

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