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Feed Penny Arcade: News: The Armageddon Doctrine ->

Tycho: Did you know that there was a time when our website played host to comics of a "humorous" nature, japes of a merry sort, which dealt with popular culture in general and electronic games in particular? Return with me, friends, to those ancient times. The truth is even more savage, and brutal, and savage: we're considering a bump to a single medium opponent. I have written a will. I know I'll play through the rest of the campaign at some point, but whenever I sit down to the PC it's just not what I want to do. I mean, I ...
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Feed Penny Arcade: News: We're Closing Down The Store (Not Forever!) ->

Tycho: We decided to get our own warehouse up here in Seattle, for lots of reasons, but primarily to have after-hours shootouts with The Triads. Brian and Robert are heading down to Austin next week to pick up all the stuff and move it up, but while they are in transit, you can take advantage of INCREDIBLE SAVINGS! The store closes down on the 6th - yes, in like four days - but if you enter the code mov1ng when you check out, you'll get ten percent off everything you buy.I didn't mean for that second part to be bolded, that ...
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Feed Penny Arcade: News: Blood And Oil, Part Five ->

Tycho: The Blood and Oil have finally run out in this, the fifth chapter. What a tremendous amount of fun that was, and we must all thank Ben Caldwell for drawing it and Gary Whitta for writing it. It's rare that Gabriel and I get a chance to "read" Penny Arcade along with actual readers, but we had no preview really of what was about to hit the site on this project. It was exhilarating, and it helped us understand how interesting Automata could be. When something just falls out of your head, as things tend to do around here, we ...
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Feed Penny Arcade: News: Child's Play And PATV Stuff ->

Tycho: Child's Play is incredibly vast, so vast that - even though Gabriel and I ostensibly created it - it extends far beyond our influence. That's how it had to be: in order for it to endure, it needs its own strength. But it's still surprising for me to realize the extent of its autonomy sometimes. The toy drive used to be the focus, but Child's Play is a banner now for a broad array of charitable impulses. For example. Gears of War is soliciting feedback on a story point - namely, whether or not this game's Carmine will survive. You ...
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Feed Penny Arcade: News: Blood And Oil, Part Four ->

Tycho: Blood And Oil. Part Four. One more to go. I met a guy from DigiPen many years ago - eventually he quit the school, but found his way into the industry regardless. Before meeting him, I thought that Starcraft was a game where you built up your defenses and then teched up to the weird shit and then fought your opponent in the middle of the map somewhere. Watching him play that game - a game I owned, and played, and thought I knew - practically ruined the genre for me. I wouldn't see shit like that again until the ...
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Feed Penny Arcade: News: Blood And Oil, Part Three ->

Tycho: I've got more blood for you, and also more oil, in the ongoing series we're calling Blood And Oil - here's part three. This is a guest work; we did not draw or write this. I'm not entirely certain we could. Weird features like Dragon Quest IX's "Canvass Mode" or The World Ends With You's "Truly Crazy Button Selling Thingamajig" are well suited to Japan, where mass transit is a thing that exists, though I'd imagine that you could do pretty well in Europe also. In the United States, the best scenario for passive trades is probably at conventions, during ...
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Feed Penny Arcade: News: Blood And Oil, Part Two ->

Tycho: It may be wise if, going forward, you think of the ongoing Blood & Oil seriesas something which needs to slow roast; the strip will be here, but the RSS feed will be your best friend regarding updates to the site. Once again: Blood & Oil is an Automata story written by Gary Whitta and powerfully realized by Ben Caldwell. It's in five parts, running all this week and into next Monday. Buckle up. My psyche is always so abraded by the social onslaught of a convention - I'm not entirely certain we're built to see this many faces in ...
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