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Comment Re:I wouldn't say their security was terrible (Score 1) 508

And by "dismantle it", I mean break it irrevocably in a way that no other code-signed console has ever, EVER, been broken before. All their private keys are known - hell, they were *reverse engineered* mathematically, which even the simplest public key crypto should be able to prevent when implemented properly.

Comment Re:I am reminded.. (Score 1) 508

Nah. There's been rampant piracy on all the other CD/DVD based consoles too, and that didn't stop them from gaining a large marketshare. Sega just completely screwed the pooch on the marketing side. Ever try actually finding someone who isn't a console geek who even recognises the word "Dreamcast"?

Comment Re:Physical access (Score 1) 150

Careful about tarring both Google and Paypal with the same brush here - Paypal has a long and gruesome history of being extremely quick to freeze accounts and confiscate funds and extremely (or impossibly) slow to release them, though here in Oz it's less prevalent because they're forced to *actually be a bank*. I don't think Google has been nearly as nasty in their similar role.

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