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Comment: Apple still weaselling out of it (Score 4, Interesting) 270

by pelorus (#39547779) Attached to: Apple Is Forced By EU To Give 2 Years Warranty On All Its Products

This hasn't changed anything. What's the point of a warranty that lasts two years which covers defects that were present on delivery?

Apple should be forced to stop weaselling and just give us what the law requires.

-- An Apple Fanboi

Comment: People lie. Especially when the truth costs $$$ (Score 2, Interesting) 383

by pelorus (#29264499) Attached to: Apple Blames 'External Forces' For Exploding iPhones

People lie. Especially when the truth will cost them a couple of hundred. I've seen cracked LCD screens that 'just happened' and had nothing to do with leaving a set of keys on the keyboard while closing the lid. I've seen mould growing off a sticky brown-stained motherboard that smelled of coffee despite the user saying that they never spilled coffee on it. I've seen squashed iPods brought in for 'warranty' work because the end user didn't think that leaving the iPod in their jacket and then using the jacket for a goal post in a soccer match was any reason for concern.

People lie. And people don't like their insurance to way out when they can moan constantly and get a new machine for free.

I see no evidence that these 'explosions' occurred and I see plenty of evidence that people lie when they break their computers. Apple is politely saying "You broke it, you fix it" which is fair enough for any manufacturer.

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