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Comment: In terms of manned flight... (Score 1) 443

by pedestrian crossing (#48259925) Attached to: Antares Rocket Explodes On Launch
This incident got me to thinking about manned flight and the designs for crew escape options. I wonder if the designs/specs for crew escape mechanisms would work for a failure of this type (catastrophic system failure in the first seconds of flight), or if it's game over if the launch fails early.

Comment: Re:Not ... exactly. (Score 1) 145

by pedestrian crossing (#45679125) Attached to: Engineering the Perfect Coffee Mug
Based on my (admittedly non-scientific) testing, between 140F and 150F is the sweet spot where the coffee flavor is the most intense while still being reasonably hot. Hotter than 150, I don't taste the flavors of the coffee as much. Cooler than 140, it doesn't feel like a hot cup of coffee. YMMV...

Comment: Re:Grocery Store Secrets (Score 1) 184

by pedestrian crossing (#44652685) Attached to: Researchers Discover Way To Spot Crappy Coffee

I do two week's worth at a time using a dog bowl and a hot-air gun. It's dead easy, takes minimal, off-the-shelf equipment and about a half hour of heating/stirring (I do a batch each of two varieties to blend).

I used to treat it like a hobby (specialized roaster, monitoring/graphing temps with a thermocouple, etc.) but that got old. I decided to simplify and now for me it's just another household task - that yields an excellent brew every morning...

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