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Comment Re:What's it good for? (Score 2) 236 236

Consider Philae - if it had landed a few meters in another direction it would still be working. If it had been a manned expedition, that wouldn't have been an issue.

Uh, yeah but how would you have kept the skinbags alive for the 10-year trip to the comet?

Comment In terms of manned flight... (Score 1) 443 443

This incident got me to thinking about manned flight and the designs for crew escape options. I wonder if the designs/specs for crew escape mechanisms would work for a failure of this type (catastrophic system failure in the first seconds of flight), or if it's game over if the launch fails early.

Comment Re:Not ... exactly. (Score 1) 145 145

Based on my (admittedly non-scientific) testing, between 140F and 150F is the sweet spot where the coffee flavor is the most intense while still being reasonably hot. Hotter than 150, I don't taste the flavors of the coffee as much. Cooler than 140, it doesn't feel like a hot cup of coffee. YMMV...

Comment Re:Grocery Store Secrets (Score 1) 184 184

I do two week's worth at a time using a dog bowl and a hot-air gun. It's dead easy, takes minimal, off-the-shelf equipment and about a half hour of heating/stirring (I do a batch each of two varieties to blend).

I used to treat it like a hobby (specialized roaster, monitoring/graphing temps with a thermocouple, etc.) but that got old. I decided to simplify and now for me it's just another household task - that yields an excellent brew every morning...

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