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Comment Re:Not putting globalist propaganda all over the p (Score 1) 1838


It seems like people are ignoring the fact that overall women just don't want to do these things for a living and assume that it's a problem.

Who's reading things into situations?

I've worked with women in my field, I've got in-laws in my field that are female, they chose to do this sort of work and I don't see a problem with it. I like it.

Having at minimum one article a week calling it a problem is reading things into reality that just aren't there. Yes - having an occasional "why don't women want to work in STEM field?" article or "Here's why women shy away from STEM" is great - it belong on this site. At minimum one a week from a defacto position that it's a bad thing is doing exactly what you're accusing me of.

Comment Re:Not putting globalist propaganda all over the p (Score 1) 1838

Stuff like this, it opens up with a weasel words statement while not explicitly saying "men are bad" it is saying "men need to be displaced" or "men have no business dominating a professions that doesn't require massive amounts of safety gear and filth".

Is the lack of diversity an issue? The article without a doubt states that it is - so why are there no articles about the shortage of male daycare workers, or the lack of female sanitation workers?

I'm not going to say I don't like green M&M's, but we really need to up the count of brown, blue, red and yellow M&M's in a bag, everyone knows that green M&M's are over-represented.

Comment Re:Not putting globalist propaganda all over the p (Score 1) 1838

I'm a religious person - not in the stereotypical sense, but I'm a believer in a higher power, and I embrace science, no I don't think those are mutually exclusive.

Quite frankly I'm tired of both the anti-religious bigotry I see everywhere I go and I'm annoyed by religious holy than though religious assholes too. Having faith or not does not mean you have to be an ass-wipe.

Comment Not putting globalist propaganda all over the page (Score 2, Interesting) 1838

Slashdot used to be a technology site. Under Dice it became a collectivist yes-man only question what we tell you to question navel-gazing tool.

I personally grew tired of all the Gamer Gate articles exclusively from the "men are bad" side of things.

I got tired of all the "We already have accepted that climate change is 100% man-made now how do we convince the idiots" articles.

I got tired of the "You're all bad people because women chose to go into job fields other than technology" articles.

The Slashvertising I wasn't 100% against - I completely understand - the site needs to earn a little money to stick around, but come on, a lot of it was lame and much of it was sneaky by trying to pass itself off as an article.

Slashdot actually became anti-science during the Dice years since they actively discouraged doing what scientist do - questioning everything - by posting globalist slanted crap.

Of course I among others enjoyed calling them on it.

If you go back to what Slashdot did in just about any iteration before Dice you're doing a good thing.

Comment Unlike those pesky old Microfiche and Paper copies (Score 1) 41

these newer electronic versions of the archives are much simpler for the Ministry of Truth to manage. A minitrue employe, Mr. Winston Smith has stated that though his job maintaining the integrity of the archives has changed little it was much more satisfying to be able to verify his corrections are reaching the masses quicker and more thoroughly than in the past when it could take months for corrections to propagate, and there were less lose ends when no one was really sure if a copy went down a memory hole or not. Yes he assured us, these changes are double plus good and will do much to strengthen the party.

Comment I was a messy, cluttery kid, (Score 1) 112

but I've grown up in to a nearly minimalist tidy adult.

Except for my desk. It stays a wreck.

When I was single and living alone my apartment was spotless - other than I would close the door to my office when people came over. I've always got tons of working on, to be worked on, not working on anymore, hardware, paperwork, etc.. Home and at work.

Comment Re:does this mean less propaganda? (Score 1) 1310

Interesting - I used to see that effect for Apple but it seems to have lessened.

Seriously about Apple, post something negative about Apple, someone clicks your name, looks for other posts in other unrelated articles, then bookmarks your profile so they can mod you down next time they have points.

I was starting to take Apple mod-downs as a badge of honor.

I've started noticing that Slashdot is employing the Facebook style "post shunning". Even browsing at -1 I don't see all the posts anymore, say something not in line with the globalist agenda and you get sidelined. If you click on a parent post you'll see the shunned replies, but otherwise they're vapor. I've set my Slashdot back to classic and there seems to be less of that but I'm still not sure I see it all.

I see for calls to change the mod system - as someone who's been abused by Apple Fanbois I disagree, meta-moderation was great and the system itself was genius. I just want it to go back, it was great, with enough Meta Moderation fanbois lose their bite.

Comment As someone who's been around a sociopath (Score 1) 303

I realize there's a very big gap in this explanation:


Until you've been around someone that will continue to lie when the proof is presented, discredit the authenticity of the truth, and is in a position of power (as government actors often are) with people backing them you've never experienced the logic shattering reality that can exist when people operate under obvious falsehoods while the truth is staring them in the face.

Having been around a sociopath for an extended period of time I've learned to spot the traits in action. Some of these conspiracies in the headline mimic those traits. Climate science has been "exposed" as a fraud from the start, but those pushing it are in a position of power and they hire yes-men to produce studies that back their claims.

Rather it's real or not it follows the M.O. of a sociopath.

Comment Re:Congressmen from Republican party bought off (Score 1) 522

I intend to call out every propaganda piece that comes across the site when I'm logged in and able to call it out.

Propaganda needs to be derailed. Slashdot has gone from being a good tech discussion site to a globalist mouth piece. Yes you can discuss the political ramifications of technology and the technological ramifications of of politics without being a mouthpiece for a political position.

Try this experiment to back up my claim about Slashdot. Browse at -1 and see if all the posts still show up like they used to. Click on a top level controversial comment and then comments under that and see if comments that were previous hidden suddenly appear. I've always browsed at -1, I'm finding the disagree with the narrative posts being hidden to be annoying.

Comment Re:It was passed in the Omnibus Spending bill (Score 1) 522

No personal responsibility.

I'm convinced our educational system is geared to teach this without actually coming out to say it. Everyone gets a trophy, if a football coach says his players are playing like girls he's likely to be fired for being sexist. Don't offend anyone one (who's not on the approved people to offend list).

If the current clamps being place on the American people actually go far enough to kill the electricity and the TVs and game consoles turn off long enough for people to look around and see what's going on we may actually have a chance to reclaim our republic.

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