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Comment Re:No CC bonus points (Score 1) 186

It says may not. As in you might or might not. Probably some card issuers will do it properly and some won't - assuming that GW is transmitting the appropriate Merchant Category Code for transactions passing through to your card issuer. They already pass through a tweaked version of the merchant name so a purchase at McDonalds shows upon my statement as GOOGNFC*MCDONALDS so I expect the MCC is also passed thru. With the right MCC you'll get bonus points for restaurants or grocery stores or whatever your card provides.

Comment Re:Advantages of phone (Score 1) 186

Not to mention they are supposed to be connected but if you don't have reception or there is an interruption to cell service you can't pay.

With Google Wallet you need a connection to periodically (15 minutes, 24 hours, infinity) enter the PIN but other than that you don't need a connection to make a purchase. I have my PIN timeout set to 24 hours and I just make sure it's unlocked before I go somewhere where I might use it.

With a connection I get an alert when the transaction goes through (as soon as I get a connection if I don't have one at the time) and a later email verification of the payment.

Comment Re:main house breaker (Score 1) 516

You misunderstood me. Just open the breaker. You'll still have a customer charge of $18/month or so but it seems to me that the trouble starts when you tell the electric company that you don't want to be a customer. Unless you're trying to tell me that there's a legal consequence to having zero consumption on your power bill.

Comment Re:Change is coming, so... (Score 1) 516

I don't know where you buy your electric power but here (PA) the choices I can make for electric supply have a wide price range. I can choose cheap, in which case my electricity is likely to come from coal-powered plants, or I can choose green (wind/solar/biomass) in which case I pay a higher rate. Specifically, my power choices range from 6.91 cents/kwh to 13 cents/kwh on fixed-price contracts. http://www.papowerswitch.com/s...

I'm also not "forced" to select - if I don't choose I end up buying from Met-Ed, the distributing utility.
Classic Games (Games)

20 Years of Commander Keen 152

angry tapir writes "This week marks the 20th anniversary of the release of the first Commander Keen game. For those too young to remember, Commander Keen was a series of shareware 2D platform games for the PC released by Apogee Software (aka 3D Realms) developed by no less than id Software — the developers of Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake."

Comment Re:Not autonomous... (Score 1) 298

Except you obviously missed the section labeled "Features" in which it says Autonomous Detection/Tracking/Targeting and Manual/Autonomous Firing with Safety

I'm not seeing that in the article or in the poster. The DODAAM website is slashdotted right now, but if it says that I'd be suspecting a bad translation. There's nothing in the feature set of this piece of hardware that supports automatic tracking or autonomous firing. Detecting a human size target at some distance only means the optics and camera has a certain minimum resolution.

I've actually done some work on integrating a similar US-designed device onto a semi-autonomous vehicle, so I can read the DODAAM poster with some background.

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