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+ - The coffee machine with an Intel Core i7->

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nk497 writes: "Costa Coffee's newest automated coffee machines run an Intel chip — its top-end Core i7. The stand-alone machines are designed for places where there aren't any Costa shops, such as offices or supermarkets, and use Intel's retail software to scan and read faces in real time, to collect demographic information. The coffee machines also feature HD touchscreens, which are used as menus to select coffee types, as well as to display videos to "attract" customers and for branding, Intel explained."
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+ - Ask Slashdot: Advise on software project management tool

Submitted by jackhab
jackhab writes: We are a small start-up company trying to improve the our process of software development. Currently we use Gmail, Trac for bug management, and SVN for version control, Corporate Wiki on Google Site and no convenient file/document sharing. Can you recommend a tool to integrate these features under one roof also adding something for easier collaboration? Thanks.

Comment: Re:Can I cancel my cell phone contract over this? (Score 1) 239

by pcjabber (#38823819) Attached to: Google Consolidates Privacy Policies Across Services

Cell phone companies lock you into multi-year contracts. Since Google is including Android in all of this and tells people if they don't like it, don't use the service, does that mean I can cancel my cell phone contract without early termination fees? Otherwise, my carrier is forcing me to divulge information that was not part of my original agreement with the carrier!

Probably not. Your Google Account can be removed from the phone after it's set up, and it's not specifically required to use Android (AFAIK)...plus, the _carrier_ isn't really forcing you to divulge anything -- Google changed their privacy policy, not your carrier.

[Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice.]

Comment: Re:Does this open the floodgates? (Score 1) 164

by Again (#30920516) Attached to: PlayStation 3 Hack Released Online

The original Xbox was a success? The Xbox sold about as much as the Gamecube, and about as fifth as many as the PS2. The gamecube made Nintendo a few hundred million dollars, while the Xbox lost microsoft a few billion dollars. The only success there is that it made Microsoft a legitimate name in console gaming, providing footing for the Xbox 360.

And Microsoft has only lost 1 billion dollars on that so far.

Comment: Re:I guess it comes down to (Score 1) 318

by pcjabber (#20388969) Attached to: Can Apple + AT&T Shut Down iPhone Unlockers?
So check this out...

This Alco2Jet Carbonator together with the User License may be transferred to a third party provided the third party agrees to be obligated by the conditions and ownership rights expressed herein.

Any misuse of the Alco2Jet Carbonator including...its sale, rental, lending, leasing, abandonment, alienating or refilling will automatically entitle the Carbonator Owner...to the immediate right of possession and unconditional return...
So, let me get this straight. I can transfer the license to a third-party, but I'm not allowed to sell, rent, lease, or even lend it to someone else. How's that possible?

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