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Comment 2009 Macbook and 2010 Mac Mini (Score 1) 284 284

Both my 2009 Macbook and 2010 Mac Mini have graphical glitches since "updating". Dragging icons to different windows causes static to appear for a split second over the destination window. Strangely enough the Macbook has an NVidia card whilst the Mini has an integrated Intel one.

Submission + - New Nintendo HD Console-> 1 1

pcgfx805 writes: "Game Informer has reportedly received word from "multiple sources" that a new HD console will be debuting at this years E3 by Nintendo. They report on conflicting information regarding the power of the console compared to the other current gen consoles, but go on to speculate that "Either way it will offer competitive specifications"."
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Submission + - Chrome 9 Released->

mikejuk writes: Version 9 of Google Chrome is now ready to use and it has three major new features but the most important is the attempt to retrain users to think that widgets are apps!
It now comes with an app store tab that encourages the use of Chrome apps which are essentially HTML/JavaScript widgets. The whole thing is an attempt to bring the mobile app mentality to the browser.

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