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>I'm pretty sure you're getting "science" confused with "the media". Not necessarily, different groups of scientist are prone to make an attempt at scaring up funding. This leads to some exaggeration to outright deceit. So do I trust scientists? No, I can't trust 100% of people in such a broad group, especially not a group like "Scientists" now which also include everyone from psychiatrists to humanitarians.

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They're going to use it for porn, then they're going to descend into a pit of despair as they realize how much their lives suck as they compare Africa to every single other place. ... This is actually sort of a cruel joke isn't it.

Submission + - Scientists demo self-healing plastic, the Holy Grail of Material Science->

zacharye writes: Cell phones, tablets, cars and even weapons systems that can heal themselves when scratched or cracked are no longer confined to science fiction. During the American Chemistry Society’s annual conference on Monday, University of Southern Mississippi Professor Marek Urban demonstrated the new material and discussed numerous potential applications. When scratched or cracked, the new plastic responds on a molecular level and regenerates to repair itself without leaving any signs of damage. According to some scientists, the material is considered the ”Holy Grail of Material Science.”...
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