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Comment: GenerationX, Mac OS X genealogy software (Score 2) 292

by paulschreiber (#34611836) Attached to: Best Open Source Genealogy Software?

A month ago, I found GenerationX, an open source Mac OS X GEDCOM editor. (GEDCOM is a standard genealogy file format.) Unfortunately, the version I found was very old. It was PowerPC-only and crashed on launch on Snow Leopard.

I took the source on SorceForge, fixed many of the compiler and static analyzer warnings and removed the expiry code.

You can find my fork on github:

Be careful — this is still beta quality.

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paulschreiber writes: "Larry Lessig will be a guest at this month's Heather Gold Show live in San Francisco on Friday. The topic is Earnestness, and Larry will be talking about his 10-year commitment to eliminate political corruption in the US. Other guests are Curtis Reliford (named American Red Cross' American Good Samaritan for his post-Katrina work) and comedian and anti-dealth penalty advocate Aundré the Wonderwoman."
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