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Comment Re:Here's the article (Score 2) 211

It's a simple, clean font.

Yes, more open source copycatting proprietary software as "hack" looks like a direct ripoff of Monaco or Menlo fonts found in OS X. How did they get past the copyright lawyers? Although I read somewhere on slashdot that fonts are not copyrightable in the US.

Menlo is based upon the Open Source font Bitstream Vera and the public domain font Deja Vu (info embedded inside the font itself).

Comment Re:Ubuntu _is_ primarily a desktop OS... (Score 1) 167

It's almost as bloated with junk as the desktop version. I've been telling our developers to use debian over ubuntu. A base minimal container with Debian is under a 100 megs. With Ubuntu it's close to 700 megs. There's just too much stuff included by default. That means a whole bunch of things that could be potential security problems. Sure, you have to set up more in the Dockerfile since so little is included, but I consider that a feature, not a bug.

Unless you are trying to install it on a Raspberry Pi or other toyware, 600MB are not a significant amount of disk space.

Comment Re: Hate to be that guy, but Linux (Score 1) 517

Firefox, Chrome, OpenOffice (or pirate MS Office), a torrent client, dropbox, google drive client, skype, flash plugin, vlc, something to unzip rar, proprietary client for netflix, some music streaming service, itunes to put a song on your mother's iphone (noticeable performance drop here), 4GB software suite from samsung to copy a pictures from you galaxy phone, a decent text editor a tetris clone.

In addition to these you'll get 8 toolbars (because you got some of the software from cnet or download.com instead of the official web site), 3 suspicious pieces of software that keep installing each other, one bitcoin farming worm

Comment Re: Hate to be that guy, but Linux (Score 1, Insightful) 517

The install of windows itself is easy. The problem, is that afterwards you have to install 45 utilities, that you have to download from 27 different sites, and each one tries to install its one adware, or ask for a 86 digits activation key. On Linux (pretty much any modern distribution) it winds down to taking note of two or three additional repositories and a list of packages, you can restore everything with on command line

Comment Re:Good luck ... (Score 1) 107

The only way you can be guaranteed your stuff is secure is to encrypt it yourself, and cut the cloud out of the process entirely.

This is completely true, the best you can get are some self-hosted services that work almost as seamlessly as commercial Clouds.

I use Bittorrent Sync, it is fast and has a good mobile app. You need to have a server running if you want availability. I have two: a 150€ NAS in my home network and a Linux worstation at work (I never turn it off anyway in case I need to work from home, and it restarts in case of power failure).

The only feature you miss is the possibility to one-click share a single file with some random guy, but for that there are the usual Clouds, I do not need to encrypt a file that I am sending around anyway.

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