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Comment: Re:Mutations and natural selection (Score 2) 130

by paul.hatchman (#48881633) Attached to: New Advance Confines GMOs To the Lab Instead of Living In the Wild

I know it's too much to expect people to RTFA, but as others have pointed out it would take much more than 1 mutation. The main point the "doom and gloomers" are missing is that these modifications are designed to complement existing containment techniques.

Think of it as a potential way for researchers to more safely work with deadly bacterium such as anthrax. They would still use all of the traditional containment methods, but have an additional fail-safe built in. Ultimately these researchers hope to come up with multiple overlapping safeguards to provide even better safety.

It's beyond me, how anyone could object to making it harder for bacteria to escape from the lab!!

Comment: Re:Magic Matter (Score 2) 138

by paul.hatchman (#48323197) Attached to: Physicists Resurrect an Old, Strange Dark Matter Theory
Dark matter *is* the simplest explanation for the data. Every proposal to modify gravity introduces one or more new fields. And every time you add a new field, guess what? You are adding a new particle as well. Dark matter models not only generally fit well with observation, but also with out existing understanding of gravity. They have exactly the same downside as gravity modifying alternatives, i.e. introducing one or more new particles.

Besides, I've never understood this objection. We already know about neutrinos which have mass and are weakly interacting (they only interact via the weak force and gravity) . A dark matter particle could be very similar to a neutrino, except it would not interact via the weak force and would likely be more massive.

Comment: Re:WTF, the antarctic gets FO before me? (Score 3, Informative) 92

by paul.hatchman (#48200801) Attached to: Fiber Optics In Antarctica Will Monitor Ice Sheet Melting
Perhaps you could use your obviously epic google skills to look up the Western Antarctic Ice Sheet. You know the one the article is actually talking about? The one that is shrinking and unstable and could cause sea levels to rise by 1.2 metres? I think that's worth at least keeping an eye on. Don't you?

Comment: Re:Maybe now she can start paying a living wage... (Score 5, Informative) 83

by paul.hatchman (#46745089) Attached to: Seattle Bookstores Embrace
Plenty of other countries have a higher minimum wage and low unemployment. e.g. Australia's minimum wage is AUD 16.37/h or AUD 20.30/h for causals. Unemployment is around 5% and unemployment benefits start at about AUD 250p/w. Which means you'd probably be better of living in Australia and looking for work than being employed on minimum wage in the USA.

Comment: Re:Monsanto takes .. (Score 5, Informative) 419

by paul.hatchman (#42890955) Attached to: Monsanto Takes Home $23m From Small Farmers According To Report
Really? says that:

"He testified that he then harvested that crop, saved it separately from his other harvest, and intentionally planted it in 1998"

So perhaps you could use your superior search engine skills to find an actual, real example of a farmer being sued by Monsanto that did not intentionally harvest and plant patented seeds?

+ - SPAM: Is Studying Effective with Music?

Submitted by
ahead-i writes "Putting on some music while studying seems like a good idea. After all, music soothes the soul and relaxes the spirit. However, researchers at the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff, United Kingdom showed that people perform worse when memorizing while listening to music—regardless of what type of music it was or whether they liked the music or not. People perform their best when they can concentrate in a quiet environment.

Music actually impairs cognitive abilities, especially if you’re trying to memorize lists or items, according to the UK study. The lyrics and the changing notes will only distract you. Even as you focus on what you’re trying to memorize, you’ll get thrown off.

The benefits of listening to music seem to work best before studying. When you hear something you like, researchers explain, it reinforces your good mood allowing you to improve your performance. It is thus advisable to listen to music before you start your interactive academic tutorial sessions to get better grades. Your online tutorials will be more effective when you are in the right frame of mind for studying."

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Comment: Re:Now there are two gaps .. (Score 1) 194

by paul.hatchman (#35823020) Attached to: New Dinosaur Species Is a Missing Link
And we teach gravity as if there is no other way and every other scientific theory in which there is no scientific controversy. Evolution (when taught at all) is not taught any different to anything else in science. It is you who really you who don't get it. Creationists will reject anything, even a solidly evidence back theory because it conflicts with their religious belief. There is no way to teach evolution without them getting their panties in a twist because anything that conflics with the bible must be a priori incorrect.

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