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Comment: The internet has amplified our discontent (Score 1) 287

by patscii (#37356266) Attached to: Are Games Worth Complaining About?
Just like it has done with all other forms of entertainment, the internet has given angry gamers a platform to complain. The more time you spend online the more you see people bitching. So I guess the question is this: were people just as unhappy about games 10 years ago and we didn't hear them, or have gamers become more critical as they spend more time talking to strangers about games?

Comment: Re:it's all about control (Score 1) 33

by patscii (#36933672) Attached to: Chinese Firm Launches Cloud-Based Mobile OS

Since the trend in recent centuries is a decrease of freedom for the average citizen (don't think about the ballots, or the miniskirt: think about being able to feed yourself, to build a house, to get clean water from a well....)

People have access to cleaner water, and a healthier diet now, than 200 years ago...and china is selling hardware. It's called Android, and iPhone

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