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Comment: Why does everyone hate to pay for what they use? (Score 1) 572

by patrickthbold (#30459384) Attached to: Angry AT&T Customers May Disrupt Service
As long as the price for byte was fair I would have no problem not having an unlimited plan. Based on the above post, maybe charging $10-$20 per GB downloaded might be fair. Everyone seems to want unlimited access, but the only people who benefit from that are a) the people who use a lot of bandwidth, and b) ATT who gets lots of money from low usage users.

Comment: Re:Math cannot exist before wind. (Score 1) 221

by patrickthbold (#30155824) Attached to: Tracking the World's Great Unsolved Math Mysteries

"Exponential decay curve" and "irrational numbers" are two different concepts. (1/2)^N is an exponential decay curve -- which defines the half-life of a radioactive substance. For no integer value of N is the result "irrational".

You are insisting on integer values of N. Which is silly. There's nothing special about integer amounts of time. (1/2)^t is irrational for almost all values of t. Furthermore if you were to write down the half life of any radioactive substance in almost any units of time, you would get irrational numbers for their half life.

Comment: What is he asking them to do? (Score 1) 550

by patrickthbold (#30015582) Attached to: Visually Impaired Gamer Sues Sony
He gave them a list of suggestions, if they are reasonable then maybe they need to comply. They point is companies should make a reasonable effort to make thier products accessable to the handicapped. I'm not sure of the law but in principle it is the right thing to do. Of course if what he's asking is very difficult then it makes sense for Sony to say "We can't do that". This is very different then him just suing because he can't do something. People above talked about camera's, driving, rock climbing. Imagine if he came up with a practical way for a blind person to drive safely and he suggested it and the car companies refused.

Comment: LaTeX (Score 0) 823

by patrickthbold (#29916333) Attached to: How To Enter Equations Quickly In Class?
Obviously pencil and paper is what everyone does, and for good reason. But if you really need your notes typeset and you don't have any time to do it after class, you should just use LaTeX. You can set up some macros for some commonly used things. You just need to be able to type fast an acurately. You said that LaTeX is too slow, but really you are just slow at typing in LaTeX. Practice and you should be able to get your speed up.

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