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Comment: this isn't news to me. I read a book! (Score 4, Interesting) 299 299

by partiklehead (#42190619) Attached to: Murder Is Like a Disease (No, Really)
In the book "Connected" by Christakis and Fowler, it is argued that violence (but also hapiness, depression, etc) spreads through social networks. So if a friend of your friend was involved in either side of a murder, chances increase dramatically that you will, too. Your emotional states and their associated beliefs and actions are contagious, first and foremost to those around you that know you, then those who know them, and so on. The analogy with a disease, jumping from host to host through social networks, is quite adequate.

Comment: Re:DCMA, SOPA, ACTA ... (Score 1) 168 168

by partiklehead (#38769660) Attached to: EU To Sign ACTA Later This Month

The voting public has been under-educated, manipulated, and deceived by those who are either in or wanting power

If the voting public been under-educated, who is to blame but those dumb-fucked and under-educated voters?

ummm... the under-educatORS? Why blame someone for being "dumb" when (s)he is educated in a dumb-fucked way?

Comment: Re:Bandwidth ? (Score 5, Insightful) 167 167

by partiklehead (#38736564) Attached to: Cloud Computing Democratizes Digital Animation
The problem is not getting a video file from one computer to the next, it's the rendering. One single frame of a high end 3D animation film can take days to render even on a supercomputer. So the fact that transferring the result takes say 5 minutes instead 1 minute is negligable compared to the gains in rendering time.

Comment: Re:bad info (Score 1) 257 257

by partiklehead (#38463280) Attached to: Hobbit Film Trailer Posted Online
To say that rotoscoping live action is in anyway lazy, especially considering the time in which Bashki did it, you have to be somebody who has never done rotoscoping. It's a gargantuan, time-consuming task.
IMO also the only thing that made this bad movie visually/technically interesting.

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