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Comment: Railroads (Score 1) 281

by parcanman (#28802385) Attached to: The Rocky Road To Wind Power
I know the technology isn't exactly cutting edge, but I'm surprised I didn't see railroads being mentioned as a possibility. Here's a flickr album showing them being moved without a problem Run them on trains to as close to where they're going to go as possible, then air lift them to their final destinations, simple as that.

Comment: Cant load it (Score 1) 122

by parcanman (#28569941) Attached to: RC Submarine Lays Fiber Through Sewers In Italy
I can't connect, it says "error establishing database connection", I'm gonna guess this is another instance of a server overloading thanks to the amount of people connecting from a link on slashdot. Maybe once there's a few more new stories posted, people will stop looking at this one for long enough for me to load the images.

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