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Comment: Re:Censorship - part of the 10 year plan (Score 1) 678

by packslash (#41630047) Attached to: Saudi Arabia Calls For Global Internet Censorship Body
I've seen some misinformed fantasy posts on slashdot before but this is a contender for crackpot 2012. Care to provide any tangible evidence of how the "The Muslim Brotherhood is already entrenched in the US Federal government due to the Obama administration" and no his middle name is not sufficient.

Comment: Re:Eric Schmidt, master of non-answers (Score 1) 431

by packslash (#38677944) Attached to: Eric Schmidt Doesn't Think Android Is Fragmented
I'm gonna have to go with every respectable tech site saying that iOS is a smoother experience as opposed to your random comment. also a google intern that posted why Android can never currently be as smooth as IOS

Comment: Re:Eric Schmidt, master of non-answers (Score 2) 431

by packslash (#38677802) Attached to: Eric Schmidt Doesn't Think Android Is Fragmented
your theory falls down when one realizes that winphone7 was so late to market. If windows phone 7 came out in 2008 it would be doing a lot better with the "general Public" Marketing has very little to do with the iPhone's and IOS's lasting success. Also using your salesman incentive argument win phone 7 should be doing better as ms actually pays.

Comment: Re:Eric Schmidt, master of non-answers (Score 2) 431

by packslash (#38677654) Attached to: Eric Schmidt Doesn't Think Android Is Fragmented
fragmentation isn't a marketing term for about 10 million samsung galaxy S owners. "it's amazing to me that in the Android world you can buy a brand new Android phone with an OS 2 versions out of date, and that phone will never be upgraded. THAT is a problem. not talking about 4 year old phones not getting the latest release. We're talking about brand new phones that are out of date, out of the box. This isn't a fairy tale." Sounds like a marketing term to me!

Comment: Re:What (Score 0) 722

by packslash (#35399106) Attached to: Is Apple Turning Into the Next "Evil Empire"?
oh come on! all the damage apple have done? You mean like push forward new technologies again and again and create completely new categories of products to make computing easier for the average person. Undermining the consumer? What absolute complete basement dwelling geek babble. News flash they are the number one computer manufacturer in customer satisfaction surveys for the last several years. As a company you don't accomplish that by "undermining your customers" You may very well know what evil means but you clearly aren't using it correctly.

Comment: Re:Fucking stupid (Score 0) 471

by packslash (#34910210) Attached to: Steve Jobs Taking Medical Leave of Absence

It's because Apple's not based on product, it's based on image. If anything seems like it could even start to threaten that image, people want out before it crashes.

yah cause Apple's iphone and ipod aren't sucessful "products". How does this guy get 5 insightful for that crap of a sentence. Saying apple isn't based on quality products definitely comes from someone that's never used any of their products.

Administration: An ingenious abstraction in politics, designed to receive the kicks and cuffs due to the premier or president. -- Ambrose Bierce