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Comment: Old Lego and create your own kits (Score 1) 425

by p_a_dev (#42377725) Attached to: Has Lego Sold Out?
I gave my kids my old Lego and have added a few new pieces. I keep away from the franchise versions, which can be hard in some stores. When I gave them the Lego there were no pictures from the boxes let alone instructions and my son loves building his own cars and trucks. Some can fly others are so large they "pick up others when they run out of gas" My daughter has some "Hello Kitty" Lego but she puts it aside and builds her own houses and garages out of my old stuff too. My youngest is playing with Duplo right now but when she stops trying to eat it we will move her to original size Lego too. All in all I will probably not buy the Starwars or other branded sets of Lego because I want my kids to use their own imagination and not get tied down to the specialized pieces in these branded sets. but that, most likely, will not stop me from buying the death star and trying it out before I give it to the kids in a few years....

Comment: Really... Thermography??? (Score 1) 110

by p_a_dev (#41665195) Attached to: Cancer-Detecting Bra Could One Day Surpass Mammograms In Accuracy
So they say that it is effective in 90% of women and that it detects up to 7 years earlier than a mammogram. How did the 3 clinical trials prove that this is effective? Talking to my wife (an Medical Imaging Professional) Mammograms are the Gold standard. Thermography has been refuted for years as ineffective and a sham... From which is a proponent of similar technology "Does thermography have the ability to show exactly where there is a tumor? Thermography does not have the ability to pinpoint the location of a tumor for biopsy purposes. Consequently, for a comprehensive analysis, if indicated, an ultrasound and/or mammography are recommended to complement breast thermography if breast cancer is suspected." Mammography today can detect micro-calcifications in the breast. it seems that they are using Mammography as it was 20 years ago not as it is today. I think this is just a bunch of guys wanting to get thermal images of Women's breasts.

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