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Comment: will they claim carbon credits (Score 0) 227

by ozduo (#49367239) Attached to: Nation's Biggest Nuclear Firm Makes a Play For Carbon Credit Cash
for the billions needed to decommissionn nuclear plants "Japan's Tokai 1 reactor, a 160 MWe UK Magnox design, is being decommissioned after 32 years service to 1998. After 10 years storage, in Phase 2 (to 2011) the steam generators and turbines were removed, and in Phase 3 (to 2018) the reactor will be dismantled, the buildings demolished and the site left ready for re-use. The total cost will be JPY 93 billion (USD 1.04 billion) – 35 billion for dismantling and 58 billion for waste treatment which will include the graphite moderator" + "San Onofre 1, which closed in 1992, was put into Safestor until licences for Units 2 and 3 expired in 2022-23. However, after NRC changes, dismantling was brought forward to 1999, so it became an active Decon project which was largely completed in 2008. A small amount of work remains to be completed with eventual dismantling of units 2 & 3 on the site, which were shut down in May 2013. The cost of fully decommissioning them is estimated at $4 billion." source:

Comment: friendly advice from someone who knows (Score -1) 464

by ozduo (#48720797) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are Progressive Glasses a Mistake For Computer Users?
I've worked in optical industry for many years and personally wear progressives. Here are a few important facts 1. there are many different types of progressives, some are more suited for mid range (computer) than others. 2. They must be alligned perfectly (this needs a high degree of skill in measuring and making sure the proper fit and appropiate type of appliance) 3. Your presbiopia ( is an age related condition and will get worse as you age. 4. Your head position (including posture) relative to your monitor is an important variable. So if you want multifocals to work go to someone who knows what to do. That means staying away from the chain stores and paying a little more.

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