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Comment Re:Who cares about iOS or Android, really? (Score 1) 251

On average people buy a new phone every six months

I sincerely hope that's not true. That would be unconscionably wasteful. And for what? Incremental improvements in one frivolous function or other? Or do they just not last more than six months? It sounds a bit dubious, given that the contract periods are typically at least a year long.

Comment Re:Do I get a hot woman to go with me? (Score 1) 561

What if she's gay? What if she hates nerds? What if she hates you? What if she has three strains of herpes, two of papilloma, and a few things that produce an occasional flow of pus? What if she is really conceited, mean, and ornery (but hot)? What if you don't like her right from the start? What if she has severe emotional issues? What if she's used to bossing around horny little dweebs like you?

Comment Re:Compared to Mars, Antarctica is a garden (Score 1) 561

How many centuries would it take to make Mars a viable biosphere for terrestrial life?

Many, many, many, probably in the tens or hundreds of thousands. I have never heard of an even remotely feasible scheme to get a viable atmosphere going on Mars. Without that, the chances of significant or durable colonization are essentially zero.

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