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Comment Let's keep our eye on the ball folks (Score 0) 737

Throwing RICO into the game is just nonsense. Whether AGW is the real deal or not I do not know, what i do know ( and this is where the rubber meets the road ) is that there has been no appreciable sea level rise anywhere. There is a much bigger problem the earth is facing right now and it is being pretty much ignored by the powers that be and the mainstream media - Fukushima radiation is poisoning the worlds oceans. 300-450 tonnes a DAY is still pouring into the Pacific from the nuclear facility. This radiation is in our food, and it took a schoolgirl from Alberta Canada to point it out to the world - http://www.collective-evolutio... . This is a known major threat to every person on the planet that gets no airtime, the facts are clear and anyone with a Geiger counter can prove it. Without the oceans we're Fuked!

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