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Comment have a life outside work... (Score 1) 220

The campus of my company literally abuts Acadia National Park. I can be out my office door and hiking or running on park trails in 10 minutes. There are plenty of cities with awesome outdoor recreation opportunities. Your job might not keep you active, but that doesn't mean you have to sit on the couch and play video games when you get home either.

Comment we hire 40+ year old developers all the time. (Score 1) 708

I work in computational biology at a large research laboratory located in a rural area in Maine. We are the only game in town, and the people we hire are often more senior developers that either want to move to a small town on the coast, or were originally from the state and left to pursue their career. I can only think of one recent hire straight out of college, and in that case the person grew up in the town with our flagship state university and chose to go to school out of state. If you want to avoid managerial work and focus on software engineering, think about leaving the financial industry and look towards other domains -- some of your knowledge will translate. We basically have two types of developers -- those writing research/analysis software and those writing large enterprise systems (like laboratory information management systems).

Comment Genomics (Score 1) 559

I used to work at a University doing research sponsored by the US Army, my area of expertise was high performance computing. I left to go work at a genetics research laboratory, which is becoming increasingly computationally driven. Historically a lot of our work is what one would consider "embarrassingly parallel", but the rate at which we can produce genetic data is growing exponentially. New approaches to storing and analyzing this data are needed. I've recently been dabbling in CUDA programming, and we are already using FPGAs.

Comment Re:Apple is losing it's hold (Score 4, Insightful) 122

$150 million, not $5 billion. Microsoft bought 150 million dollars worth of non-voting shares as part of a patent licensing agreement, and also agreed to produce MS Office for OS X for at least 5 years (this was the important part, since many big software vendors had not yet committed to port their code to the new OS), and Internet explorer would be bundled as the default browser for 5 years (I think it was 5 years).

Apple was a multi-billion dollar company with 1.2 billion in cash at the time. It was in trouble financially, but it probably could have survived without that $150 million.

Comment Re:Her Defense Was Pretty Good Too (Score 2) 699

I was brought up Catholic, my parents were involved in the church choir, but we almost never talked about god or religion outside of church. We were never taught to give god thanks for everyday things. All success or failure was attributed to us. My parents would have considered themselves very spiritual, in her later years my Mother loved to read books about saints, and she made a pilgrimage to France. But I never felt like religion was part of our day to day lives. As a kid it was an hour a week, maybe two if we were doing "CCD" (religious education). I think they would be pretty upset to know I don't really believe, but they never mentioned having my son baptized, or the fact that we did not attend church.

Comment Re:Control (Score 5, Interesting) 417

I remember working on a kernel extension for OS X on a previous job 5 or 6 years ago. We were having some trouble, so we started digging through the XNU source code. We found an email address of an engineer at apple in some of the comments and emailed him. After a few emails it was determined there was a bug (we were doing something rather strange, so this wouldn't normally affect developers), he offered a work around and opened a bug report for the issue. This wouldn't have happened had I been developing for windows.

Comment i'd pay 99 cents (Score 1) 274

I pay about $100 a month for digital TV plus DVR service. I rarely watch TV - there are a couple shows I make a point to watch, the rest of my TV viewing is usually food network, discovery, or history channel while I'm multi-tasking and hour or so before going to sleep. I could probably spend less than $10 a month on TV show rentals and I wouldn't really miss cable TV that much.

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