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+ - Why Users Ditch OS X for Windows-> 7

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coward writes " says users ditch OS X for Windows. Why? It's too pricey, the article claims. "If one more person points me to a Mini and tells me this is going to replace a 2.00GHz PC with standalone video and a SATA drive, I'm going to scream. Despite Apple providing a superior OS for the casual consumer, it remains a price issue for most people. You take any unsuspecting cash conscious family and if you actually tell me that they are going to be willing to drop $1,099 versus $499 on a notebook for their child, you had better present one serious sales pitch. Even considering the long-term value, malware-free environment, those parents would be presenting their soon to be college aged kid, the fact is they are not informed enough to understand that the $499 notebook is an utter junk, thanks to poor hardware quality."
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Comment: Re:Neither. (Score 0) 220

by ouaibe (#13687688) Attached to: Hacking - Art or Science?
But isn't philosophy a form of Art ?
I mean isn't a creation defined as Art not by what the creation is in itself, but more by, not only the feelings it generates from the audience, but also by the explanation you give of it.
In that way philosophy is clearly a type of art (and thus isn't opposed to it) and could be defined as an Art of perception.

...just a thought like that.

I never cheated an honest man, only rascals. They wanted something for nothing. I gave them nothing for something. -- Joseph "Yellow Kid" Weil