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Comment: Re:Engineers solve problems (Score 2) 194

by other-different-nick (#36730666) Attached to: JPMorgan Rolls Out FPGA Supercomputer

The purpose of an engineer is to solve problems.

Engineers solve real-world problems: when they make simplifying assumptions, they try to avoid transparent falsehoods like "a market functions with perfect transparency," and "all players in a market behave rationally." Hell, there's no way to even check the latter statement for truth: destroying a major company to build your relatively minor personal fortune may or may not be rational. If any solid engineering had been invested into the mortgage market of the past decade, the ultra-rich would not have cleaned up by throwing the economy into turmoil. Yet somehow, they have been able to do so, and if anybody ever goes to jail for this type of fraud, it will be a pawn like you.

Occasionally, engineers do fuck up [[]], but when you look at major economic events from the eighties [[]], nineties [[]], and today [[]], it seems slanderous for you to mention your particular brand of snake-oil in the same sentence as "engineering."

Comment: Re:Dear Mr. Zuckerberg, (Score 1) 544

by other-different-nick (#36271652) Attached to: Zuckerberg Only Eating Animals He Personally Kills
Mod parent and grandparent up! When I saw No Country For Old Men, it quickly became obvious to me that Anton Chigurh had discovered the most humane way to interact with other people. I've followed his lead, and I've had no complaints yet (and no survivors either).

I don't understand why this story has more than 250 comments. If some random huckster's choices make you question whether to eat store bought meat, why not just quit eating meat entirely? That's what I did 20 years ago, and I have no regrets.

Comment: Re:what's really going on? (Score 1) 694

by other-different-nick (#35939224) Attached to: Why Science Is a Lousy Career Choice

doesn't matter how mediocre they are, why get 1 mediocre scientist in America thats going to bitch and whine about pay, when you can get 5 mediocre scientist in India who will suck your ass for cheaper all together

I don't think it works that way: the top Indian scientists are already here. Can you name any Indian university that's in the same league as MIT, Stanford, and CMU? Do you know of any Wall Street firm that only hires native born quants? Scientists know that they are all in the same boat globally, because they all end up at the same conferences. What's holding back you, Osgeld, from rooting for your peers?

Comment: Re:All works are derivative (Score 1) 247

by other-different-nick (#35569792) Attached to: RMS On Header Files and Derivative Works
The question isn't whether to reward people who produce knowledge and culture, but how to do so. Are we putting enough resources towards and AIDS vaccine, or do we need more penis pills? Are we putting enough resources towards original storytelling, or do we need more reality TV shows and big budget movies based on 80s cartoons? Do we need to criminalize artistic appropriation and the free exchange of scientific thought? I say no, what we are doing is not working.

Comment: Re:Career mode is prio #1 (Score 1) 110

by other-different-nick (#34214462) Attached to: <em>Gran Turismo 5</em> To Be Released November 24th

Learning how to adjust all the settings to your driving style etc. GT3 made that good, but then they just seemed to focus on the racing sim bit in GT4.

I wish that I understood what you are saying. In real life, I see used sports cars up for sale with fully adjustable suspension and free flowing exhaust that have supposedly never seen an autocross or track day. Why? What is the appeal in perfectly setting up a car for a drive that you never intend to take?

Comment: Re:Here we go again (SCO) (Score 1) 675

by other-different-nick (#34071706) Attached to: Oracle Claims Google 'Directly Copied' Our Java Code

Good API design is hard.


Saying that it's just API design and not artistic is severely disingenuous to engineers who are actually good at it (and engineers who cringe and suffer when forced to deal with bad API designs.)

No really good API was the result of a single insight. Good APIs have to accrete over decades. Consider how long it took to get from early Lisp's mapcar to Haskel's foldl, foldr, and list comprehensions. The Java API is pretty good, but mostly because it is unoriginal.

Comment: Re:Um, isn't java code GPL? (Score 1) 675

by other-different-nick (#34071378) Attached to: Oracle Claims Google 'Directly Copied' Our Java Code

Isn't the code for Sun's standard java library GPL along with the rest of OpenJDK?

This question assumes that it makes sense to copyright an API. I don't think that it does. Or are you saying that Harmony might have directly copied Sun's implementation? If so, I'll have to wait for more details from the trial.

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