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Comment: Re:Why not do *BSD or Linux code review and use it (Score 1) 466

by osir (#33856556) Attached to: Indian Military Organization To Develop Its Own OS
You confuse isomorphism with compliment. While information hiding is not a replacement for all other security measures, it does stack nicely on top of them. Just like locking your car door can only hope to keep lazy people and determined racoons out of your car. The only viable result of security is to delay and deter possible loss. If you think stronger security measures do anything else, and information hiding doesnt do it at all, you are misinformed. I dont think the indian government is trying to hide its keys under the doormat.

Comment: Outrage leads to bloody revolt. (Score 2, Insightful) 196

by osir (#27548089) Attached to: Iraq Game Sparks Outrage, Soldiers Have Mixed Reactions

People who 'outrage' at the realism and graphic nature of art, in a hope that such a reaction does anything but reenforce the purpose of its exhibition, obviously have no idea what the point of art is. So... maybe someone should tell them. The point of art, is to evoke emotion. The more you 'outrage' at art, the more effective said art is. You cannot really argue with art by outraging at its exposition. All you do is affirm its effectiveness and the reason we have a need for such art to exist.

If gore and realism are repulsive... then how is depicting it 'glorification' of some situation in which it takes place? People play the games because it gets them close to something they normally would never get the chance to experience. I am more offended by the war movies of the 50's and 60's that took most of the gore and realism out of war. If you want to talk about glorification, THAT is a more fitting example.

If you want people to understand the ramifications of violent behavior, then censorship is very counter-productive. You protect noone by throwing a rug over the bloodstain. You simply doom people to repeat the same mistakes by taking from them the wisdom of experience, however detached such experience may be.

I think what offends the majority more than anything, is the fact that other people revel in violence. Unfortunately for them, humans have, and always will, find entertainment value in the suffering of others, most of all those that 'outrage' at things they do not have the depth to comprehend. Concepts like justice, which very few people have ever had much of any issue with at all, hinge on the administration of human suffering. Be thankful that we live in an era when there are more avenues available to satisfy our inate bloodlust than ACTUAL acts of cruelty.

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