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+ - Haiku Releases Official Alpha After 8 Years of Dev-> 2

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NiteMair writes "The Haiku project has finally released an official R1 alpha after 8 years of development. This marks a significant milestone for the project, and it also debuts the first official/publicly available LiveCD ISO image that can be easily booted and used to install Haiku on x86 hardware. Haiku is a desktop operating system inspired by BeOS after Be, Inc. closed its doors in 2001. The project has remained true to the BeOS philosophy while integrating modern hardware support and features along the way."
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Comment: Re:Sad to see him go, never thought about this asp (Score 1) 531

by ormandj (#22988192) Attached to: Charlton Heston's Impact On Sci-Fi
Thanks for the head's up. I actually felt "Ringworld" by Niven (almost done reading it) had excessive "sensual" mention in it. I am not a prude, it just seemed out of place; it really added absolutely nothing to the story or the character development and thus was unnecessary. Then again, it was very slight, and the rest of the story made up for it (easily.) Something of a "violent pornography" is EXACTLY why I can't stand most fantasy novels. I don't care to read details about how the ultimate dragon slayer spent his honeymoon slaying his bride.

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