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Comment: Re:Hacker??!! (Score 2) 248

by oreaq (#46227951) Attached to: Blogger Fined €3,000 for 'Publicizing' Files Found Through Google Search

He sent a "GET /some_document.html HTTP/1.1" request to a web server run by the French National Agency for Food Safety. The web server, acting per procurationem for the agency, sent him the "secret" document. If I ask you, "Can you give me $10?" and you give me $10 dollars, you can't run around and claim that I stole $10 from you.

Comment: Re:We the people (Score 3, Interesting) 465

The Sanford Prison Experiment is a poster child for what was wrong with scientific psychology in most of the last century. Philip Zimbardo, knowingly or unknowingly, designed and implemented the experiment in such a way that he got exactly the results he wanted. The wiki lists some of the deficiencies:

Zimbardo found it impossible to keep traditional scientific controls in place. He was unable to remain a neutral observer, since he influenced the direction of the experiment as the prison's superintendent. Conclusions and observations drawn by the experimenters were largely subjective and anecdotal, and the experiment would be difficult for other researchers to reproduce.

Also look at how ethics committees changed their guidelines as a response to that experiment.

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by oreaq (#44588257) Attached to: Biggest Headache For Game Developers: Abusive Fans

Vitriol falling on regular folks is direct result of these regular folks attention-seeking diva behavior that is so prevalent in the gaming industry.

Sure, their skirts were clearly to short. They wanted it.

For example, you don't see "regular folk" speaking for Microsoft,

No, regular folk - what an imbecilic weasel word - at Microsoft don't do that.

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by oreaq (#44581255) Attached to: New York's Financial Regulator Subpoenas Bitcoin Companies

The only reason this is illegal is because the spoofer is entering a quote he doesn't intend to trade - it's not bona fide.

What's funny here is that this is a (illegal) strategy to try to get *another algorithm* to make a mistake and to profit from it

So it's fraud by quoting without intent to trade.

In addition, anyone could implement these (illegal) strategies.

No, for one, my latency is far to high.

I agree that the second link is very weak but it still shows quoting without intent to trade, which we both agree on is illegal. You are far more knowledgable in this stuff than I am an I actually learned a couple of things from your replies. Thanks for that. But I also think that my initial assessment of the situation is - if not spot on - not to far of.

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by oreaq (#44571823) Attached to: US, Germany To Enter No-Spying Agreement

I have seen no discussions concerning the hardware and software architecture that is needed for a system supposedly capable of trapping and analyzing all the internet traffic as well as every email and tweet that crosses the wire.

Really? Google "lawful interception". Cisco et al have been including these capabilities in the their equipment since at least 2005.

Comment: Re:great point. regulate currency traders or not? (Score 1) 259

by oreaq (#44571781) Attached to: New York's Financial Regulator Subpoenas Bitcoin Companies

1. A certain loss

It is used to find the lowest price a seller is willing to sell at and the highest price a buyer is willing to buy at.

2. Illegal

I agree.

3. Prevented by exchanges.

Look at the number of quotes compared to the number of sales. Look at the overall numbers and compare them to the numbers of some traders.

Comment: Re:great point. regulate currency traders or not? (Score 1) 259

by oreaq (#44564351) Attached to: New York's Financial Regulator Subpoenas Bitcoin Companies

Bitcoin exchanges do PRECISELY the same things that the "evil" Wall Street firms do. (Most of Wall St. is simply your mom's retirement savings being put to use building stores and such to earn her enough to retire.)

What the "evil" Wall Street firms actually do is committing millions frauds every day with high frequency quoting without intent to buy or sell. What they also do is cook their own books, making up trillions of dollars that don't actually exist and when they can't hide their crimes anymore they steal the money from the American people with the help of the US government.

Do you want Obama to come down hard on them?

By hiring a PR firm?

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by oreaq (#44496857) Attached to: First California AMBER Alert Shows AT&T's Emergency Alerts Are a Mess

Parents of abducted children?

Are you sure about that? How many false alerts does this system produce? How many police officer's work is wasted by following up on these false alerts? What is the reaction of the typical kidnapper to hearing these alerts? How does the kidnapper's reaction affect the survival of the abducted child? What are the opportunity costs? How does the reduced attention of drivers looking for that one car affect their ability to avoid accidents? Do you have any data on any of these questions? Are the alerts actually a net positive?

Comment: Re:Bad example (Score 1) 169

by oreaq (#44470989) Attached to: Bradley Manning and the 'Hacker Madness' Scare Tactic

Only someone supremely ignorant or biased would believe this to be noteworthy, let alone newsworthy - which pretty much proves my point.

So you insist that "lightest slap" and "maximum sentence" are the same thing and your argument for that is that the witch hunters aka the prosecutors almost always ask for the latter? The reason they get away with this abuse of the legal system is that they paint the accused as belonging to different group. He's not one of us. He's a hacker, or a terrorist, or simply not an American citizen. And suddenly all the imbeciles who can only the model the world in "good" and "evil" start cheering for their team no matter what their team does. Burn the witch! I mean U.S.A U.S.A U.S.A. That's the story. I'm sorry that you can't see it.

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