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Comment: Be yourself ... (Score 1) 1354

by orangeguru (#28416409) Attached to: Where Does a Geek Find a Social Life?

You request lacks the most important aspect: you!

How can "we" give you advice if we don't know what you like and what you enjoy? Socializing is about sharing and exploring - and you want to do something that suits your personality and your interests.

So instead of bending over and trying to do "something" social just to meet people will feel awkward for you and your fellow socialites.

First ask yourself if there are any less geeky things you enjoy or would love to explore? Then dive into these things. If you have fun and a passion for something it's easier to socialize and find new people.

Don't try stuff you simply dislike to meet the ladies - they will smell your awkwardness instantly.

If you find yourself too geeky or unable to find any non-geek topics then join a social, environmental or political cause with your full geek powers and throw yourself in. To volunteer for something is a great way to meet people and the ladies - and you might enjoy your own geekiness and doing something "good" while socializing ... (just make sure not to confuse socializing with fixing everybodies computers).

If you like animals then get a dog - I hardly know any better "tool" (apart from babies) to make the ladies go "Uhhh" and "Ahhh" ... and talk to you.


+ - New Milestone Demoscene Releases.-> 4

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "With over 3000 visitors one of the biggest computer festivals, the Assembly 2007, just closed doors. The event saw the release of some of the best demoscene productions of this year. Among them the first good demos for the XBOX 360, but also for platforms as obscure as the Atari VCS2600 from 1976. The main demo competition was won by Lifeforce, one of the most acclaimed demoscene demos ever. Other releases can be found here."
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He keeps differentiating, flying off on a tangent.