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Comment: Nevermind that 'reality' thing (Score 1) 505

The reason people lock down their wireless are as follows (preaching to the choir, I know): 1) Bandwidth caps (and/or pay-per-use models) 2) Personal security (I don't want someone having access to my information on my network) 3) Legislation (if I allow someone to access my Wi-Fi, I could be held responsible for any illegal activies that the 'someone' participates in) This is like saying everyone should unlock their doors in New York so I can have access to free running water whenever I need it - nevermind their ability to now steal all my crap and void my insurance. Pie in the sky BS.

Comment: Or perhaps.... (Score 5, Insightful) 657

by oraclese (#33457906) Attached to: Flash On Android Is 'Shockingly Bad'
"All of which makes one believe that maybe Steve Jobs was right to eschew Flash in lieu of HTML5 on the iPhone and iPad." Or perhaps this just means this is the first iteration of the Android OS to attempt Flash compatibility and it obviously needs more time to mature? I hate flash as much as the next guy, but with as much content as there is out there that is based on Flash, if Android gets it working properly, it will be a big advantage over the iPhone OS.

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