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Comment: Re:Can we just call it a "partitioned universe" (Score 1) 458

by oracleofbargth (#45931807) Attached to: Why We Think There's a Multiverse, Not Just Our Universe

A more apt desctiption is our universe is like a cupcake sitting on a platter with (but not touching) a bunch of other cup cakes made from the same batch of batter. Each is slightly different, but they are all made of the exact same stuff and are pretty similar.

The string theory multiverse is more like a bakery display case, with a bunch of different types of pastries that have different ingredients and all look quite different.

Comment: Re:Offensive (Score 1) 1251

2. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord, thy God, in vain.

Well, fuck, now I have to avoid certain godda... I mean darn curse words. It won't clean up my filthy language, but I'll be careful not to put certain words together!


The most mistranslated commandment. It has nothing to do with cussing.

A better phrasing would be "Do not take the name of God for the sake of vanity," or in simpler English "Do not call yourself one of God's followers just to make yourself look good."

When you look at it that way, it is probably the most violated commandment of all time.

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And I do not believe that some people have infinite names. That is obviously untrue.

I believe it is the old Welsh tradition (or maybe a similar variant) to have a single given name, followed by a listing of your patrilineal genealogy as a series of surnames. So, in this tradition, it is technically possible to have a name of unlimited length. However, the longest proven genealogy in modern times is 85 generations, which does put a maximum realistic size on this type of naming system.

Comment: Re:Reinventing the Amish [Re:Ah... Yeah...] (Score 1) 214

by oracleofbargth (#41887027) Attached to: The Survival Machine Farm

A tractor that is 70% as good as a Deere won't sell on an open and competitive market where people vote with their dollars.

Perhaps, but the point is to make a tractor that is 70% as good as a Deere, at less than 30% the cost of a Deere. This project is not targeted at industrial farms, or people who do large scale farming as their primary occupation. The equipment is currently targeted at the "want to grow my own food, and have enough to actually feed my family" more-than-hobby scale, where hand tools are insufficient, and the price of professionally built equipment can be a huge barrier to entry.

When the smallest Deere tractor you can buy costs you over $16,000, and after spending that much you still don't have any implements to use with it to actually get work done, having a cheaper alternative starts to look more attractive.

Also, if you had read the article, you would have noticed that they ARE working on a plan for building and selling enough construction machines to have the farm turn a profit. They're just sharing the blueprints so that other people can do the same.

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