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Comment Re:Price controls and a ban on doctor kickbacks (Score 1) 305

Which would be fine if those commercials were only shown during programs that weren't made for families. Watching something with the kids a commercial comes on. You go tothe kitchen to grab a bite and little Timmy is pulling on your pants leg asking whats an erection b/c if he has one for 4 hours or longer he should go to the hospital

Comment Re:How can there be? (Score 1) 622

No what they marketed it as was unlimited data but at a certain rate. Whether I only go online to broswe youtube and watch netflix or i'm downloading GBs of data daily they promised access to the internet at a fixed speed. Its only now that everyone is cutting the cord and getting all there media online that they are pulling these shady tactics. What is the difference in cost to them if only 5% ever go above their cap anyways? whats the cost difference to transfer 400gb a month compared to their 250gb limit(my usage and my cap)?

Comment Re:The right side of history (Score 1) 330

Climate change isn't just about an increase of just 2 degrees its also about shifting and changing of the actual climates any species unable to migrate or handle the changes which will be drastic in some places will not survive. Not to mention predators moving into new territories and imbalancing the local food chain.

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