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Comment: Re:So is there a form for the ISP (Score 1) 99 99

No its more like you pay $20 a week to be able to get 5 bagels an hour and then someone else pays $20 for 5 an hour as well. That means at minimum the bagel shop should be making 10 bagels an hour to supply what they promised to both customers even if you usually only get 1/hr and only rarely 5 and the other guy uses his full 5/hr most of the time. ( we aren't taking into account the fact bagels go bad this is bandwidth nor food) If they can't make enough bagels they shouldn't promise that many.

Comment: Re:call the library ? (Score 2) 246 246

I see that working out well. Unless of course it isn't a hokes and the crazy guy with the hostages answers the phone with the police on the other line asking if things are ok because they just received a call. Which will end with a "I'm sorry someone wasted your time but everything is fine here." Or even worse "What the police?! Alright assholes which one of you called the pigs *gunshot* *gunshot* *screams* *heavy breathing* no no everything is fine."

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