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Comment: Re:Highway Robbery (Score 2) 453

by ooshna (#45679685) Attached to: NZ Traveler's Electronics Taken At Airport; Interest in Snowden to Blame?

No that is just a dog and pony show just like abortion and gay marriage. They take a topic that most people are either very strongly for or against but has no real barren on whats really going on in the country. Then they "fight" tooth and nail over it making a big scene, making sure that the topic is on every 24 hour news station while quietly doing things like passing the National Defense Act or just avoiding news on things like how bad we are getting fucked by the NSA. Think of it like a magic trick. It's all about misdirection.

*They = politicians and the media.

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by ooshna (#44533795) Attached to: Nvidia CEO: We Are Working On Next Generation Surface

Ok I am probably going to get blasted for this but.... The ZuneHD was a great piece of hardware and gave a hell of a lot more bang for the buck than the comparable priced iPod of the time. That being said it wasn't the device itself that was horrible but the lack of any real apps or support from Microsoft that made it such a joke.

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Whereas I know plenty of people who have a computer in their living room, and probably not as many who have consoles. Who's to say which is really more representative? Does it even matter? It's clear from the sales figures that both are huge groups as a whole.

How many of those living room computers can handle playing modern games with decent settings and getting a decent frame rate?

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by ooshna (#43829103) Attached to: Spain's New S-80 Class Submarines Sink, But Won't Float

Not all politicians lie. Some are just deluded into believing what they are saying or saying what they have been brainwashed into believing only to find that reality is a different game altogether. Some are just inexperienced and incompetent to understand the truth from a lie that has been passed on to them.

Someone being wrong is not someone telling a lie. There is a note of having to know and understand what you are saying is not true or correct in order for there to be a lie involved. A lie carries an intent to deceive or misdirect where being wrong can result from being lied to originally, not having all the information or having incorrect information or something even more challenging, an opinion that doesn't necessarily translate into the real world situation.

There is a saying about blaming malice over incompetence and most of the so called lies seem to be nothing more then incompetence.

When the hell did this become about George W. Bush?

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by ooshna (#43809321) Attached to: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Offers 2,304 Cores For $650

AMD did this back with their Phenom X3's. There was such a high demand for the low cost triple core processors that they disabled a core on some four core processors and sold them as X3s till they ramped up production. I was lucky enough to get one of the four cored processors and was able to re-enable the fourth core through my bios.

Never trust an operating system.