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Comment: Re:I Would Have Signed Up... (Score 2, Insightful) 250 250

a lot of these comments sound like a variation on, "When I was a kid, we didn't need any MySpace!"

im out of the age range everyone is throwing around here and yet, i both depend on MySpace for a lot AND enjoy its nuances. i am an independent bass player with good credentials and i like freelancing my musical skills. i have had a HUGE number of contacts come through with higher paying gigs. i have met interesting women on MySpace, too. one of which i am now seeing.

MySpace is all about looking around. its a FUN place! i have found insane humor, interesting conspiracy nutcases, fine art, great music, and some incredible design workarounds to beat the default styles in place on MySpace.

Saying you found nothing of value after a couple profile views on MySpace is like saying you found nothing of interest in the Kennedy Assassination after reading page 1732 of the Warren Commission Report (OK, i love conspiracy theorists! the Illuminati are well represented on MySpace. so are the 9-11, holocaust, and kennedy folks.).

its sad when you see readers of slashdot trashing something so 'unmarketable', unpredictable, and out of the ordinary as MySpace. and isnt it cool that something so 'wrong' could make it. it baffles science! Sure, its a little buggy now and then (as is eslasher's wunderkind, Linux), but who hasnt had trouble with traffic doubling every 3 months? theyve done a great job.

give it a chance. go look around. check out some of my top friends. like Erin. she has an AMAZING site!


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