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Comment: Re:Some crazy conspiracy? (Score 1) 443

by omnipresentbob (#27632803) Attached to: Why Is Connectivity So Cheap In Stockholm?

Imagine what would happen if all roads were owned by private companies. Would we ever seen an end to toll roads? Doubt it.

Some things, especially utilities, simply work better when public owned. Electric, water and yes, even telephone. And internet access isn't too far removed from a telephone utility.

Because the road system in the US is completely fantastic? I hope it's different elsewhere than what I'm used to (Southern California) if that's so... because most roads are littered with potholes, and traffic is pretty awful most of the time.

Comment: Re:It seems ironic... (Score 1) 1147

by omnipresentbob (#27289053) Attached to: Ballmer Scorns Apple As a $500 Logo

How much different is the user experience on windows different from the user experience on OS X? From my own experience, not very much. Heck, most of the times I've been on macs, they have crashed a hell of a lot more, responded more slowly, etc.

Most of my friends running macs have asked me questions about how to do something, or about problems they've had. Opposite with my friends running Windows (yes, even Vista). It does what they need it to do, they can figure out stuff they don't know (very easily), and it causes very few problems for them.

I'd rather not pay the $500 logo tax, and use different software. Of course, you could always just slap on the same software http://wiki.osx86project.org/

Comment: A link to the actual study.... (Score 1) 921

by omnipresentbob (#27248233) Attached to: Study Finds the Pious Fight Death Hardest


Decide for yourself, rather than letting a BBC article tell you what to think about the results of the study.

Personally, I think if 88% of the people you study are "religious" you're a hell of a lot more likely to find that "religious" people cling to intensive life-prolonging care than "non-religious" people.

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