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Comment Re:why bother (Score 1) 364

A lot of power-hungry titles tend to get great boosts in performance after a few weeks to a few months after release as the GPU-drivers get optimized for the game.

Just look at the release notes of the latest nVidia or AMD drivers and you'll see a bunch of "Game X sees ##% increased performance in single GPU configurations" etc.

Comment Re:Context (Score 1) 210

"But the customer is always right!"

"We cannot tell the customer we will not fix!"

Public issue trackers tend to bring a lot of corporate politics into the process of trying to efficiently use the tracker for what it is meant for. Sigh.

Comment Re:Detailed vs Vague (Score 2) 210

I spent most of my time at my previous job automating tasks for other people so that they could stop doing the repeated and error prone work.

Then I got laid off because the bean-counters at central corporate did not believe I had enough "billable hours". The corporation actively encourages you to work slowly and inefficiently because they make more money that way...

And they wonder why the offshore sector in Norway crashed a year ago with the oil price no longer inflating profits.... sigh

Comment Re:So will stacking us vertically (Score 1) 394

I spent 8 hours on a flight with MY carry-on between my legs because there was literally NO other place I was allowed to put it on the plane.... I wanted to stab people.
The people in the row in front of me had brought 2 baby seats for their kids to sit in, and had L-shaped roller thingies for bringing them with em, and those took up the overhead compartment for 6 people worth... and THAt is where my shit was supposed to sit..... so not only did I have screaming toddlers for 8 hours, I had a bag between my legs making any movement bleh.... fuck people.

Comment Re:2038 is working itself out already (Score 1) 59

Oh.. and the environment is not very hostile. Everything is fully battery backed, fully environmentally shielded and there are virtually no vibrations reaching the room.

Hell, after 20 years in operation the room hardly has dust anywhere. The controllers look brand new when inspected.

I love working with the system as is, but trying to shoe-horn the new system requirements into the existing hardware is tricky at best. We're running all our data over a 2mbit token ring network.

Comment Re:2038 is working itself out already (Score 4, Interesting) 59

Oh it is good gear, but the list of 'bugs' and 'erratas' on the gear is growing longer and longer for every month it stays in service. Spare parts are almost impossible to come by, and even the toolchain needed to update the programs are old enough to require special dedicated workstations.

It is not a matter of 'working' it is a matter of 'will work in the future'. Right now all the gear has reached "end of life" and spare parts are very close to being "ebay if you're lucky" in terms of procurement. Trying to get the customer to upgrade BEFORE we're already screwed and have to 'rush' an upgrade is the game we're in now.

Doing a 3 year project in 6 months (while in some cases doable..) leads to badly rushed design and future redesigns. We've seen this over and over in the past 10 years.

An example is that the new hardware has built in EX barriers on each channel, the termination boards are much better and a variety of other improvements. This translates into -4- massive cabinets being reduced to one. Real-estate offshore is hugely expensive and this would save staggering amounts of money compared to expanding equipment rooms... but they want the stuff they're used to, not the stuff that is current.

The hilarity of the whole thing is that the 'current' stuff is now installed all over the rig where old hardware is not available so now we have both systems running in parallel with a ton of 'interfacing' and single points of failure introduced as a result.

It can drive an engineer mad.

Comment Re:2038 is working itself out already (Score 3, Insightful) 59

In the business I work "profibus" is considered a "new" technology. The standard was published in 1989.

We still run a token ring coax network for most critical systems on a significant part of the oil rigs in the North sea and on onshore installations supporting them.

Some of the controllers are 20 years old and just milling along happily. We did a replacement of NVRAM recently and that is all the service the modules need.
I fully expect this crud to still be in use in 20 years. Conservative bastards >.

Comment Re:About half (Score 2) 293

"55 per cent of households have at least one DAB radio"

Do the rest care about radio or have the people who listen already moved on?

My parents listen to radio here in Norway, but they use their TV for it these days since all the channels are available through the "Radio" option on their fiber cable/internet/everything system.

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