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by omglolbah (#46523829) Attached to: Full-Disclosure Security List Suspended Indefinitely

Air gaps are fun.

Engineering workstation on the air-gapped system is connected to the same keyboard and monitor as an office machine.
Space constraints in the office on an oil rig.

The same engineer who went around pushing orange 'locks' in all the usb ports on the whole damn plant, including on the switches etc also created this gem.
Unlock the USb port on the KVM, add a usb stick. That way he could easily 'move files between the systems without looking for a stick'.....

You cannot fix stupid.

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Guild Wars 2 solved this issue beautifully I felt.

When you enter a zone your hp, damage etc gets scaled to the level of the area. Only down-scaled however so you cannot just jump to high level areas immediately.

This DOES mean that your friends at higher levels can play with you though,which a bunch of my friends did. Worked great.

Sadly the game didnt really 'last' for us for a variety of other reasons.

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I would not pay to level up an alt... but if I were to start on a new server? I actually might.

Starting out on a new server, even with heirlooms you still end up sometimes strapped for cash.
Boosting up to 90 so you have a 'money-runner' so to speak might be worth it.

Personally I've leveled up probably 30 characters since I started playing shortly after launch in EU.. I find it enjoyable compared to a lot of other time-wasters. Sometimes I just want to mindlessly derp around after a long day of figuring shit out at work.

I doubt I will make use of it, but I can see situations where I could.
Especially with the amusing exchange rate/cost of living difference between the US and where I live... 60 bucks is roughly 4 pints :p

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They know the exact cause of the problem, they just wont tell us.

"This is a known issue with the ProLiant 380DL G5 series."

Yet they do not consider it a production flaw or a bug, even though it will require a motherboard replacement to fix. They consider it "not our problem" so customers are left to hunt the market for refurb machines to replace em.. (we're locked into a certain line due to the HUGE costs of re-certifying the system if we change anything..)

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Yeah.... this is going to bite them in the ass... hard.

We recently had an issue with HP servers showing temperatures of 255C on motherboard sensors...
They said this was a firmware issue and told us to flash the bios to fix this. We did... the sensor now shows -127C. Big help.

It actually required a motherboard replacement and they claimed this was -not- a warranty issue because the server was too old. In the meantime we've had 4 more servers have this issue, which makes them unusable in our environment (oil rig HMI).

Would they now not give us the fix without us feeding them a bit of cash? Fuck them.

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They talked about blocking news sites, social networks and music streaming services where I work.

That talk lasted about 3 days after the department meeting, then it went dead silent on the issue.

Management were told in no uncertain terms that if this were to happen, people would stop all goodwill towards the company and just do EXACTLY what was required by them to get paid, and nothing more... Aaaaand the blocking talk went silent ;)

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